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Counter Strike

AK47- AK47 is the most common and prolly the second best gun in the game. Almost everyone can master this gun if you know the trick. Most new players think the hardest thing to use this gun is the recoil, but if you know how many bullets until the recoil starts, then u will be master this gun in no time. AK47's recoil starts EXACTLY after firing 4 BULLETS, and the most important part is to kill a person with this first 4 bullets before the gun run out of control.

Dersert Eagle AKA Deagle- The most powerful pistol in the game, some people say this gun is not accurate but only if u doesnt know how to use it. The trick into using this gun is to put your crosshair the OPPOSITE Direction that you are running to, but it may takes some time to get use to and master it.

M4A1- Some people say it is easier use than AK47 due to the fact that M4A1 recoil starts exactly after 5 bullets, and just because of this extra 1 bullets which add an advange minium of 20 Damage to the enemy, it could kill a person with out the gun running out of control.

The best way to play CS is to play smart, your skill doesnt always depend on how you shoot the gun, instead the best way to play cs is to learn how you place your crosshair and attack the enemy using your knowledge of the map.
Yeah you're basically right, although you can still kill someone after the gun recoils, if you aim at the bottom right of the person...
Here I got an CSS movie I made:
I agree with you, M4A1 is easier to use than the AK47, but I use the AK anyways, and I also use the deagle because it's so very strong. You should add me, I'm still a noob though.

Steam Acc: hardcoregamer808
I like the AK over distance a lot more. Apart from scoped weapons it is the most accurate over distance in the game.

Favourite weapon has to be the knife though. Razz Nothing like a good knife kill.
yap knive is da best Razz

But between ak 47 and m4a1, I prefer m4a1 don't know why just lovin it ^^

actually I prefer CT default handgun than Deagle, smaller damage but higher clip capacity and... don't know, just l;ike it ^^
I love all this guns..
But one day I play better with the AK47 and the other day I play better with the M4A1..
If I must buy a handgun, I prefer Deagle...

And just like bonestorm74 said, the AK47 is better over a distance (for me).

And another question: If you have a M4A1, you use the silencer or not?
I almost never use it, because I hate it :p
Yea Ak 47 and M4a1 is my the best weapons ...
anyway i like head shots with knive Wink that's perfect and very frustrated enemy Very Happy
I've played my mate's counter strike and it's such an amazing game.I'm just so into war games and first person shooter and counter strike is one of the best out there. I wish I had it myself. Maybe I'll get it if a new version comes out or something.
The gun I like the most is the M4A1, better known as the Colt. I usually use this whenever I am CT, I like the look of it and the sound the gun makes when it fires. Whenever I am a T, I would usually go with the AK-47. These two guns are indeed the best in the game.
Personally I like both (which is lucky as you have to play matches on both teams) although I probably prefer the ak as its more powerful and still pretty accurate at range if you avoid spray and pray. I normally end up silencing my m4, partly to avoid recoil, although it is probably a better idea not to and to just be careful not to spray at all.
if i can choose. i use maverick. i just hit with it more easier than ak. sometimes i use silencer, sometimes dont.
M4A1 - Mainly a noob gun, because the spray is so easy to control. Better players usually do not like this gun, because of the lesser amount of damage, and the long range capabilities.

AK47 - This is probably the best favored gun. It is the best for long range, does very decent damage, and if you learn how to control the spray, it is incredibly deadly.

Deagle - This is the best pistol, in my opinion. Although it is not the most accurate, its does the most damage, and is a headshot machine.

**TRICK - Instead of waiting for your crosshair to get smaller after spraying with a gun, its is faster to quick-switch to your pistol, and back out to your primary. It resets your crosshair, and gives you a better chance of hitting your target.

QUESTION - Why do a lot of players quick-switch over and over again, even though it is not necessary?
b|ade wrote:
QUESTION - Why do a lot of players quick-switch over and over again, even though it is not necessary?

I'm not sure myself either. But as for me I just like to do it for fun. It started off as just trying out as I see many of my friends do that but as time goes by it became a habbit. Laughing

my personal favorites would be the AK47 and the Deagle. Very Happy
my personal favorites would be the awp and the Deagle.
Hello !

My favorite is AWP because i'm an sniper, so i'm a little camper Wink

lefou63 wrote:
Hello !

My favorite is AWP because i'm an sniper, so i'm a little camper Wink


I think they shoud take the AWP out of the game.. it's so anooying and way to powerful. What do you have the scout for?
Hmm, I played it for the original xbox console, and it was a very nerve-racking game. The graphics we're amazing for the time it came out, and was probably one of the best games out at the time. I don't know much about the weapons though. I just used the default ones. Arming and Defusing was the best game for me. (although i'm not sure thats what it was called)
Coclus wrote:
lefou63 wrote:
Hello !

My favorite is AWP because i'm an sniper, so i'm a little camper Wink


I think they shoud take the AWP out of the game.. it's so anooying and way to powerful. What do you have the scout for?
Awp is too powerfull and you can do lucky shots, no skill at all.
WRC Meister
Nice guys, i preferr the Krieg 550 because it was a weapon i got from a dead team mate and it was good, but for pistol i just run along with dual elites or starter pistol, i never used knive but i use grenades
I have Counter-strike for my X-Box and I think that the m4a1 is the best weapon in the game. The Ak47 ( like it said previously) has way to much recoil. I also like to just use the Desert Eagle, when I'm runnin low on money. It is very deadly and pretty accurate. I don't know why but I also like the m4a1 cause of the silencer. Sounds cool.
WRC Meister
i sat down some days ago and was playing a FIght Yard, and found out the K&M submachine gun has very little recoil from running, and from shooting, making it good for FY's, but overall, the IDF Defender, AK47 or M4A1 is still good
AK is my favorite and deagle is a sidearm. Wink

Furthermore, i am learning to control the recoil after firing 1-2 short burst. Crouch is the word. Crouch. It does a lot effective for me.
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