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Problem with pdf files in Mac OS X

I created some pdf fies with iWorks. They open fantastic with preview. But when i take the pdf file to some other computer and try to open with Acrobat pdf reader, they dont open. It gives me a token not redable error. I bring it back to my computer it seems to be working fine.
Moreover i tried to open the pdf file in Acrobat Reader 5.0 and it opens the file, minus one of the fonts - which goes missing all together. But when i open the file in Adobe reader 7.0, I get the token not readable error again.

Someone knows why ?
i guess its the encoding of the iwork file although i own a macbook pro i have never had that problem
open your pdf file in preview and re-print it in pdf. if it doesn't work, you could try different pdf formats in Acrobat Pro but it's not free !
Yeah I would go with what the other person above me said. Save it as PDF under Preview. (Preview is the default image viewer on OS X)

The reason the font didn't show up is because OS X comes with like 3 times more fonts then Windows and windows didn't have the right font to view it.
You can PM me and I'll embed the fonts in your PDF file and make it Windows capable. I also use a Mac too but this isn't a problem for me.
I haven't tested it works or not becoz I does't have a mac.
You can take a try to see if it is works.

Try create the pdf files with binary or ascii file format.

Hope this help.
you can also use bootcamp to run windows XP and create the file or test it. but actually you shoud not need to do it. the method of printing in pdf under preview is a good solution. i think it flattens the pdf file to make it readable everywhere. on the other hand no way to change anything in acrobat after but that's not your aim this time. Smile
i guess the problem is the same when you create a multiple layers file in photoshop and want to export it in pdf. you only have the choice of "photoshop pdf" format and it conserves the possibility of changing vectorised text layers directly in adobe acrobat for example. however when you open it on preview, the text layers don't appear ! its troubling !
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