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any other sports card collectors here?

Just wondering if there are any other sports card collectors on here?

I collect mostly basketball with a lilttle australian football...

my main collection is rookie cards but i also collect players

Darko Milicic, Ron Artest, Adam Morrison, Ray Allen, JJ Redick, Dee Brown Smile

what do YOU collect?
I used to collect Topps baseball cards. I decided to stick with one brand so the collection wouldn't get too big, but it soon became huge anyway. My uncle used to get me tons of cards, and there was a hobby shop in town. The shop closed, and that might've been what made me lose interest. A new one opened this year, but I just can't get back into it.

My most valuable card is worth $70, last time I checked. I can't seem to find the pricing magazines anywhere anymore. Once I found a $40 card in the 25 cent bin, which was cool. I came back to the shop later that day and bragged to the owner about it. Very Happy
I have a ton of cards. I use to collect when I was younger and have since stopped. Although I collected some nhl memorbilia over the last few years. 8x10 auto's from Patrick Roy, Lundqvist, Kariya, Modano, Selanne, etc.

I would say that I have lost my love of collecting but I do really like displaying autographs still, Ihave a hockey wall in my den with all my auto's. Its nice, i like it.
I used to collect all sorts of cards when I was younger, not saying i'm that old now though lol. I collected mainly basketball along with some baseball, hockey and soccer cards. I have alot of special edition cards, one of my favourites would be my Jason Kidd special edition rookie card.. last time I checked it was worth about 30 bucks I think. I stopped collecting though because it was just an expensive hobby and I wouldnt really see the worth of it in my lifetime.
Captain Fertile
I never collected sports cards but I remember being in junior school collecting Star Wars cards. Yes was a young kid when episode 4 was first realieased.

I had a lot of fun with my friends at school and at home and collected almost the entire series..

The only collection I ever completed was a collection of Incredible Hulk stickers (you know, those ones you put into a special sticker book).

In fact looking back they were not stivkers but cards because I had to glue the cards into the special book - maybe stickers were to expensive to produce way back then. This was when the Incredible Hulk TV series was huge, the Bill Bixby Lou Ferigno series.

I can just imagine a ton of FriHosters all saying in unison - "WHO?"
I used to collect Topps baseball/hockey cards in the 70s and early 80s, but boys didn't think girls who collected cards were cool; so I put them away. A couple of years ago, I gave a bunch to one of my nephews and he paid for a terms worth of books with his profits. (I'm a stupid woman sometimes!)

My favorite card all-time was and still is, my Ray Borque rookie card... no wax, perfect corners, no creases, it's still in the juniorhigh english book I put it in... (Yes I kept it!)

And as for knowing the television shows of the 70s... I loved all of those shows... The Incredible Hulk (Bixby/Ferigno), Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter), Shazam (those weird Greek Gods popping up in an and let's not forget Isis (Isis,is-iss,is-iss) and many others.... I think I need to go see if there is a post for that discussion.

I'm off ~ n_p
I collected hockey cards when I was younger (early to mid 90's). I stopped for awhile and recently (about 6 months ago) got back into it and remembered why it was so fun. It turns out that none of the cards I collected are worth anything because they produced so many of them but it's great just to be able to add on to what I had started back then. In fact, I came to this website to find a host for my trade page.
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