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Why Do You Watch Movies?

Just like the topic says: Why do you watch movies?

I watch movies because I like to appreciate the talent of the actors and the production staff in creating a movie that is a complete work of art.

I want to see good acting, excellent directing, and a plot that intrigues me intellectually.

A simple, predictable, shoot 'em up, blow it up, action flick just doesn't do it for me.
For fun, but also because the storyline is great (StarWars for example). I think it's very important for a film to really suck the viewer in. To get in somekind of light trance. And when the movie is over, you're still enjoying the film. Rolling Eyes
Many reasons.

One reason may be i always wanted to be a film maker.

I was an stage artist myself, and know the pain of acting. I used to direct and produce plays, so knows the pain of those behind the screens.

For sure it's a great form of art.
To be entertained. That's the only reason I do anything, in the long run.
I think the answer for me is escapism. When I go to see a flick I want to forget the world outside and experience a different reality. The direction, cinematography, acting and special effects all help, but it is the story and the writing that are the most important thing in immersing me into the film.

Films like the Godfather and Citizen Cane are always held up as being some of the best films of all time, but I swear to God, there is not enough popcorn in the world to make me see either of them again. Why? Despite all other factors, the story material bored me to death.
Three reasons:

1 - To get a laugh

2 - To escape the world for an hour or two

3 - Because everything on TV sucks balls, particularly Australian TV.
Fright Knight
I watch movies because I wanted to see new stories and see the actors and actresses give their their best (If they really do) for a certain movie. I am a movie lover. Well in the past couple of years i love to watch Comedy, Action, Drama, Horror, and Documentary movies. Any theme will do as long as the storyline is great and the actors looks natural in their acting.
I watch movies to get away from reality, sometimes it's good to see someone's life behind the camera lens, and sometimes I get ideas for change and the actors help too.
I watch them only when I have free time
I watch movies because I like them very much.<br>

to clear my mind and sometimes to get rid of boring myself.

I like watching movies especially with my freind on the couch.
Well, when it comes down to it, I'd say it's because movies are a classic artform, especially in American history. They're the perfect form of entertainment, blending visuals, storytelling, and music and sound all together. Movie really bring the whole idea of entertainment to that next level, and it's only still around, really, because of the history of movies. I've taken numerous cinema courses, and I'd love to get into moviemaking myself, because, really, that's how into movies I am.
Well, I watch movies to pass the time, or because I'm bored.

I've never really thought about the reasoning behind it though.

I do like watching stunning pieces of cinematic art work (LOTR etc) but like being released from the real world for 2 hours.

Comedy, action, horror - films have all emotions needed. A good way to learn too.
I like movies that tell stories about people, Hollywood seems much too intent on blowing things up. A movie very high on my list right now, Crash (the one with Don Cheadle & Sandra Bullock - I think there was an older one about people who used to have sex at accident scenes or something like that). I like the complexity of the characters - the irony (if that's the right word) of Ludacris' character feeling like he was discriminated against by a black waitress, but not giving her a tip. Matt Dillon's character who presumably has seen a lot of black criminals so generalizes that to all blacks, but then risks his life to save a black woman. I felt

There was basically 1 character I couldn't like at all, the Persian man who doesn't listen, gets mad at everybody, shoots the locksmith and then because the gun had blanks, thinks the little girl is his angel.

Anyway, a little off topic of why I watch movies Smile
Citizen Kane
I've got two reasons to watch a movie:

1: I'm a guy who cant relax very well. I'm almost ADD. Everything single impuls grabs my attention, no matter how small or big. For that reason, watching a movie is like forgetting these impulses for a while. having me a world that I dont have to react to but is played before me. The movies I like are also the movies that do something to me. American Beauty, The Green Mile, and a lot of independant movies for instance... It makes me feel alive.

2: I have 2000 worth of home-cinema equipment (mostly Denon and some obscurely unknown but VERY good speakers). Would be a shame if I didn't use it.
i watch because i wanna be entertained.......... i love to watch movies to be inspired. get some lessons....... to have fun
For me too, it is a perfect mode of entertainment. For the time I am watching a movie, I will forget everything else, whatever happens to the rest of the world doesn't bother me. At the time I watch a movie I am involved in it, that gives me the enetrtainment. It is when this does not happen, I call the movie boring or not good.
bigdan wrote:
Three reasons:

1 - To get a laugh

2 - To escape the world for an hour or two

3 - Because everything on TV sucks balls, particularly Australian TV.

Perfect! Me too !! Only the same in 3 but in Spanish TV jiji
i watch movies when im really bored or if someone said me that, "this movie is so good" or if im just interested of some actor/actors.
I watch movies to help me think (only if I'm alone) - seriously! I don't know why, but there's something between a good movie and my brain. Razz
I also watch movies to be a critic (between the book and the movie, usually).
I watch it to appreciate the actors (especially if I like them).
..and finally, to have Fun. =)
I enjoy the storylines usually. I like watching movies because they are interesting and very fun to watch. A lot of movies these days are crap but there are tons of great movies I can watch.
Personally I watch movies for a couple of reasons.

First, It is a good way to spend time when you are up very late at night.

Two, as inspiration for Gaming (RPG's)

Three, I enjoy watching the stories. Yes, I like the stories.
Yup, for mee too 'escaping' is a main reason.
Also, to learn new things; insights into people or situations or just life in general. Movies are a good way of growing as a person.

if you pick the right ones, that is.
kevin briggs
i watch movies to escape from the real world for a couple of hours.
i also like to be entertained by my favourite actors and directors.
RT Cunningham
I watch movies to be entertained. I hate movies that provoke me to think too much. Another reason is that I can't stand 90 percent of television has to offer.
to kill time

for fun i suppose.
well, to relief stress before exams, to relief stress before studying and mugging freaking hard for the papers, to relief stress before a hard day at work, to relief stress before figuring out what to do a whole freakin day, and to simply put it, to kill time too. LOL.
RT Cunningham
I have one more reason: Because I have nothing better to do.
To live inside another setting than the boring Real Life..
I also play alot of computer games and Roleplaying games for the exact same reason.

I'm also a filmmaker wannabe tho, but it seems like I'm ending up as a game developer instead Razz
to enjoy it ofc.. to get entertained.. I do enjoy a good laugh for a comedy movie..

but what I like most is horror, and movies where I realy have to use my mind, since I find it abit of a challange to figure out what will happen next, who the killer is.. and all those stuff you usually finds out in the end... if I dont get to use my mind, I can't enjoy it.. (unless it's a comedy)..
Different movies set me in different moods. When I feel blue I go n watch any comedy movie. When I need some motivation I go n watch any inspirational movie. (Like I watched Pursuit of Happyness last week.). I never miss movies of certain actors like John Travolta, Leonardo Dcaprio, Nicole Kidman.. there are so many of them.
Movies are integral part of my life. I try not to miss film festivals. Movies from all parts of the world are shown in film festivals. I remember watching couple movies made by a swedish director Bergman. Wow he is fantastic. You can Count On Me,Schindlers list and A Beutiful Mind.. these two movies I watch again n again.
I watch movies because it's the only time I enjoy eating popcorn. There's something different about eating it at home. ^_^ Seriously though, I watch movies when I am convinced by advertisements. Sometimes I'm disappointed. Take for example, 300. Good ads, good cinematography, blah everything else.
I like watching independent(!) movies. Especially Russian. Why? Just to make my brain think Smile ... well I like such movies because there are a lot of hidden senses and so
Dean_The_Great wrote:
Just like the topic says: Why do you watch movies?

I watch movies because I like to appreciate the talent of the actors and the production staff in creating a movie that is a complete work of art.

I want to see good acting, excellent directing, and a plot that intrigues me intellectually.

A simple, predictable, shoot 'em up, blow it up, action flick just doesn't do it for me.

I watch movies mostly to show how full of crap most movies have become.

If you are a movie lover then you son't wanna watch a movie with me. I will drive you up the wall pointing out the flaws in tactics, production, acting or just how plain and simply full of S**T most of the hollywood garbage can be.

I used to love movies. But then they started to suck.
I watch movies for many reasons. Fantasy movies give me good ideas for Gaming (D&D and the like), but I also like good action flicks, dramas, comedy, well just about anything but horror.

I like to be entertained and also discuss the premises of the movies afterwards (or sometimes during).
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