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Do you believe in parapsychology ?

Many universities do research about parapsychology and some organizations such as the pharmaceutical company Bial gives grants to study paranormal phenomena. What is your opinion about this? Do you believe in parapsychology?
I see no harm in the study of paranormal phenomena and I don't see how anyone can not believe in the study of it. After all, it's just a case of looking at so-called paranormal phenomena and trying to find a logical answer for it, frequently with the use of scientific equipment.

Parapsychologists do annoy me though. As someone who experiences paranormal phenomena, I remain sceptic until something is proved genuine to my satisfaction. On the otherhand, most Parapsychologists will not admit something is even likely to be a paranormal phenomena, even when they have exhasuted all other possibilities.
Laughing To me, I do not understand fully why, it seems little funny...
But I once read a book called the Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo, it was about a Universal Language... maybe a bit like this. Maybe...
The Conspirator
Do I beleve in the study of the so called paranormal? Yes, do I beleve in the paranormal?

Psychics are frouds. who use cold readings
(as donstrated by this (Listen to the cold reading the so called psychic gives the caller.
Psychic fraud bitch: First I need to know if there is someone with an "m" or "j" initials around you.
gullible caller: No.
Psychic fraud bitch: Is there any one deceased?
gullible caller: Yes.
Psychic fraud bitch: Is it a female?
gullible caller: Yes.
Psychic fraud bitch: Is it spelled "ma"?
gullible caller: Yes
Psychic fraud bitch: "r"?
gullible caller: Yes.
Psychic fraud bitch: Like Mary or Margret?
gullible caller: Margret.
Psychic fraud bitch: Was she your mom, grandma?
gullible caller: my Moms sister.
Psychic fraud bitch: Your moms sister. Ok, I have a felling her spirits with you.And um. What, are you changing your home or things about changing your home?
gullible caller: We was, we did a bunch of remodeling.
Psychic fraud bitch: You just redid your home cause she, the feeling I get from this is that she like what you did to your house or what you changed to your house.
"is there any one with the initials j orm around you? Any one deceased? Is it female? Is it spelled ma? R? is it marry or Margret?" And people believe this crap))
ghosts don't exists and theres no evidence of them, there no evidence the ESP exists, no evidence out of body experiences are anything but a construct of the mind, theres no evidence that out minds effect the world around us.
Parapsychology is nothing but people chasing shadows.
Ah, but you are using an example of someone who is out for money, if you used a similar example of a con artist you could argue that the stock market is a fraud.

Here is an anecdote to illustrate that sometimes people can have knowledge that they shouldn't be able to have through conventional means:

A young man went missing, and his car was found by the highway out of town half burnt. He had a number of friends in the pagan community, and a large number of us got together to do a group scrying to see if we could get any impressions about where he might be. A number of us got feelings, and mine was that he was lying in leaves and water, and there was a horrible pain in his head, and the impression that traffic could be heard in the distance. Some others got a general location in the woods about a mile from where his car was found. We went and searched the woods and never found anything. The cops never found him either. About two years later his remains were found by a hunter very near the area we had searched. His skeleton was found lying in a depression that tended to fill with water when it rained, close enought to the road that traffic could be heard, and he'd been shot in the head.

There was no way I could have known where he was or what had happened to him, yet I pulled three specific details seemingly out of thin air that later turned out to be true. I didn't know this person, he was a friend of a friend, and all I had was a name and a photo.

Is it ESP? Did I tap into some sort of universal conciousness? I don't know. I have no idea how it worked, I only know that it did.
Here's a psychic message I got from my father. He had passed about a week before this and wanted me to pass on a message to my stepmother.
I told him he must first give me something - information I could not have possibly have known. he showed me a pair of brown brogue shoes.

Next morning, before I could phone her, I had a phone call from my stepmother asking me if my husband wanted any of my father's shoes. Talk about coincidence. Anyway, I asked her what the story was about brown bogue shoes. She laughed and told me my father went traipsing half way across Europe because of these shoes, and then proceeded to tell me the story surrounding them. After that, she had no qualms about accepting the message was genuine. And I think, after that, she quite looked forward to hearing what he had to say about certain things.

At this point, you're probably thinking I would have known about the shoes, after all, he was my father. I can assure you, I didn't. He disowned me after I divorced my previous, abusive husband. He didn't believe in divorce. It only in the last year of his life that he decided to have contact with me again, so there was a huge chunk of his lie that I knew nothing about.

There are a lot of charlatans about, but not all of us are. Whenever I get a message from someone who's passed, I insist on being told something I could not know about.

I have prophetic dreams, I 'know' things I should not know, I know things which have not yet happened. I do not ask for payment, although I will accept a gift, but not expect one.
The Conspirator
Jinx: Than maybe you could talk the million dallar chalange.

There is no scientific evidence for the existence of ESP.
And human memory is very fallible, people will often remember certain things and not others. Like a person who believed in astrology and reads there horoscope every day, they will remember the few times they there horoscope was right and forget the many, many times it was false.
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