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Which is the source of the problem???PLEASE HELP ME!!!

CPU:Athlon64 3200+ ,
RAM:2x1GB DDR 400MHZ Twinmos + 1x512MB 400MHZ, Kingston
HDD:WD Sata 320GB + 80GB Maxtor Ata.
VGA:GeForce 6600 Point of view 256Ram AGP 8x,
PSU:Thermaltake TR2-550W
OS:Microsoft Windows XP 32bit SP2
FIREWALL\ANTIVIRUS: Comodo Firewall \ AVG Free Edition

My computer freezes suddently(at any point, at any time, with no specific reason) needs RESET.

Actions Taken:
I already checked my ram with memtest86(all ok), i checked my HDD all ok, all my temperatures are normal(VGA ok, CPU<40).
So, at the beggining, i though that is was an os problem, but i reinstalled windows, and the problem remains(less frequent, but still there. Also, i little before format/reinstall, some "rubish appeared on my screen(at buttons pictures), for which i blamed my VGA at first, but after the Format, they disappeared(also installing the latest drivers reduced the problem, after reinstalling the OS, the problem disappeared).
I currently have a fresh OS, with the latest drivers of everything, but the problem is still there!

If the problem remains after a format then the problem is in the hardware (as I'm sure you've already figured out)

I would start disabling non-essential hardware in device manager (sound card, NIC, any modems and also the video will use vgamode while it is disabled). Then restart the pc and let it run for a while to see if it still hangs. If it still hangs at this point, then you really need to take the box to a hardware technician.
The main problem, is that it hangs at a very random time. When it does nothing, it never hangs. I have tried it with one HDD(nocd-dvd), no modem, 1module of memory(1x1GB twinmos). Problem insists...

I did notice though, something that might means something: The temperature of the mobo's chipset is a little bit above average;
Although, it is not much, and the computer might hang immediately after start up, or after 8 hours of doing heavy work, means that it probably isn't but, ican't find anything else./..

Reward of 80Frihs to anyone that finds the problem(i am not even asking for a solution! just point out the freaking problem that is driving me nuts!(extra 20Frihs if you find a nice solution as well).
hey, I have also a problem that looks realy much to yours, sometimes (one dat 5 times, other days 0 times) then there is a red X in the network icon in the system tray and the computer fully freezes, even the mouse is stuck on the screen, do you have the same problem?


Ps. I know it is not a solution, but I'm hoping other people have the same so we can fix it,,,
Having more info is good, but thats not the happens.
I don't know if this will help, but i noticed, that my monitor blinks sometimes as well;

I checked my vga, but found nothing. I will try my old vga for a few days to see how that goes, and to determine if VGA is the problem, what do you think about this?(possible or not?)
there is a similar PC in my office facing the same problem. The problem was already existing as a new unit. I've changed the RAM, installed an independent VGA card and reinstlled windows... but all to no avail. Could be due to faulty circuitry, PSU or the Mobo has defects.
My mobo has served me for a long time witout any problems. I suppose that its probably the PSU, although i bought a new one about a month ago(hmm almost the time that the problems started). So... If i change the PSU, and make sure that this is the source of the problem, how do i get an other one(it has guarantee, but it is not a problem that they can detect very easily).

P.S. : I couldn't find my old vga, so i was anable to test it, but even if i did, it would still might be PSU's fault, as the old vga needs a lot less power than the new one...
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