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3d glass material

A question for all 3d modelers at this forum. When you want to texturize your object with glass material which one you use? VRay, mental ray or you're working with default library?

How to make realistic glass material with VRay and mental ray I found many tutorials, but how to make glass material without any plug-ins?
It's been a long time since I modeled anything with glass that wasn't tinted (where I painted a texture for it rather than using anything else), but I seem to remember doing it with either mental ray or raytrace in my "Materials and Lighting" class. The way we did it in class was more of an experimentation thing, where we were told what things did, and then given time to play with them and adjust them to find out what different settings did on our own. I'd have to go back and make a glass texture to tell you how to do it, since it's been so long.

This was something I made in that class, just by messing around.
You see, I was working on one of basic 3ds max tutorials with explanation of lathe modificator for my friends. Form of an object is good, but without materials scene looks awfull...
By the way, have you tried 3DBuzz for answers? There's lots of stuff about, well, just about everything to do with 3D, on the forums there. It's a great source of info if you're having problems with something. My teachers all highly recommend it, and it's helped me out a number of times. I'd say it's a much more likely place to find the information you need than a more generalized forum like this.
Not really sure what you are asking. In Max you can just select the object - hit M and by changing the settings (specularity etc ) you make materials. Max also has default glass. Well mine had anyway - ( version 6 ) that you could render without mentalray etc.
2 noliver: for some reasons not everyone has 3dsMax materials library. That is the point. Tha is why I need default material settings to make good glass texture.
As you know, the final result (picture after final render) is very important in tutorials for beginers. In this case (wineglass modeling tutorial) glass material is very important, so I must add to the tutorial material's settings. Bu8t because not all my readers have mental ray, or VRay, or default library in some cases, I must find universal sollution - making good texture from default materials.

2 Chalchihuitlicue: 3dbuzz? hmm... I haven't heared about this forum before. I'll check it:) Thank you.
Chalchihuitlicue wrote:

Thats a real nice piece, hope to see more.
you could do it better, try some glass plugins
albusa wrote:
you could do it better, try some glass plugins

Oh, I'm sure I could do it better. Wink I'm not really interested in improving on that particular piece any more, though. It was done while following along in a "here is basically how you make glass" lecture/tutorial in a Materials and Lighting class about a year and a half ago, and I only spent about five or ten minutes on it once it was modeled. XD I'm glad that anyone likes it at all, though, considering it's such a random piece and I had next to no skill with 3DSMax at the time.

ETA: To explain a little better, my Materials and Lighting teacher would take us through what each part of the Material editor does, then model something quickly with us, and then let us mess around for ten to fifteen minutes to see what we could come up with on our own, without all the settings for a certain look being handed to us. We also did terrain and water in that fashion.
Thanks to everyone, few days before I've found already really cool glass material that uses no plug-ins. For now, It will take few more days to understand how it works and then I'll post some results here for example.
Bye-bye! Wink
beautiful. keep it coming. I'll try 3d animation during school break. hope to see more of your work! Very Happy
it's so cool ..

i feel the clearness from it ... i like the 3d art so much ..

waiting more beautiful ones Surprised
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