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Im Locked Out Of Windows Xp?, I Own The Computer

I have a windows XP home edition laptop and the software came preinstalled with my computer. When i try to do some tasks like windows restore it says that it has been disabled by my domain administer and to contact the admin to get this changed.
1) this computer is not in a domain
2) I own the computer and am a full administrater
3) I am loged in as the administrater.
4) Both of my admistrater accounts have been locked out.
I am still able to log in fine but i cant do any of the tasks that have to do with windows restore. My laptop is a TOSHIBA Satellite A65 with preinstalled windows XP Home edition. I have the recovery disk but i really dont feal like doing that again as that would be the second time this month. If anyone knows how to help please tell me.
Thank you.
The problem was there by the beginning, or did it appear later on?
Go to Control Panel/User accounts and check if you have administrive rights. If you do, then download, install, update and run adaware. I had a problem with a spyware(?) that did this, and i managed to remove it with adaware.
You might want to try a scan at as well. Sounds like something malicious got on the system and is messing with permissions.
Bones wrote:
You might want to try a scan at as well. Sounds like something malicious got on the system and is messing with permissions.

That is very much possible. If you are not able to log on at all and you are attempting alot of techniques, but they are not working, then you may very well need to completely floor the computer. In other words, do a fresh reinstall.
Wait, windows has this superuser account called Administrator(more powerful than a normal administrator account). This user is, effectively, the domain administrator. Maybe you need to be this user in order to do a system restore?

This account's password must've been set by your manufacturer. You'll have to contact them for this info.
As stated above the manufacturer of the PC prob has a super user account.
Restart the PC. Hit F8 till you see the boot menu. Boot to safe mode. If geven a choice of log-in, choose administrator.
If it does not finishing loading, hit CTRL,ALT,DEL all at the same time. This will finish the load process.
Once in safe mode, right click "My Computer", and choose "Manage"
Go to "Users"
Find yourself and make sure you are a Administrator for the PC. You can add yourself to other groups if you like. But make sure all restrictions are removed from your account.
Reboot normally. If there is a superuser-admin account you will have more access now but you will never have full access.
Fot full access I recomend reformatting and building windows yourself without all the manufacturer's crap
Man, I have a little doubt, maybe you started the network configuraton wizard and configured your laptop as part of a domain, and maybe, and I just say maybe, you created a user account part of a domain server...

It comes to me, when you said "Domain Administrator", remember that the domain administrator, it's not a local user account, it is a user account with administrative privileges located in a remote computer (server).

This is probbably the greatest nonsense, you've heard in your life, but it might be related to your situation.
I cannot imagine that the laptop came with an Administrator password set. Someone must have set it sometime; if you have never set it, that means anyone having access to your laptop had access to the Administrator account. So someone may have logged onto that account and set a password. Is this possible? Or did the laptop have any previous owners?

As far as I know the Administrator account is always local. You can see if you're in a domain by right-clicking My Computer and going to Properties. Check out the tab Computer Name there.
You got some software that boot (bootable cd) which you could try 'hack' into your computer with. Look up on google.
Only do this if there's no other way to get the password and you're not intending to reinstall Windows.
after logon to ur computer by onther account then go to control panel ..user account
u will see that adminstrator get a password

go to RUN and type CMD

then type (NET USER) THEN it will appear the user of ur laptop

type( net user (the name of ur account which appear to u) ) then press enter

the line which appear (a password for the user) ask u to enter an password

enter anew password (any word) and press enter
the second line will ask to confirm it so put the same password ( any word)
then press enter
the password will change directly

i hope that can help u
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