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Do you like cooking?

yes i like,noodles,simple food eg:soup,vegetables and noodles
I prefer Eating Very Happy
If i cook my house will be in fired xDD
I like making cookies and fired rice :/
the only thing i know to make is pizza & eggs, i'm 17 Surprised
I like cooking. I often cook italian pizza or spaghetti. But never try to build something with gel
cooking is definatly not my specialty.The first time I put poptarts in the microwave they caught on toast is alwys burned and there is egg shells in my eggs.I thank God for the dollar menu at McDonalds
I have cooked quite a few dinners for partys and my family, i am 15 Smile
LOL cooking what is that!!! Naw cooking is ok long as is something easy like spegettit or hamburgers or some thing not one that does alot of fancy cooking. and hostly with fast food's dollor menu's is cheaper just to eat out and most of us here have free hosting or are looking for free hosting so cheaper is better Razz
hai tu
i love cooking but i suck at it. i love watching the food network. iron chef, 40 dollars aday and quick meals. quite entertaining.
I'm almost a chef Very Happy

haha will cook Smoked Salamon for saturday =)
i like to cook once in a while....
pop tarts and cereal are about all I'm willing to do cause I'm lazy. and also my world famous peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, those are good! Razz eh cooking if cool/fun but I'm too lazy a lot of times.
panoramicview wrote:
I prefer Eating Very Happy

me too, also i love cooking.
i dont like cooking. its booring.
I just love cooking.
especially my mom's Mr. Green

but I'm staying away from home since I was 17 Crying or Very sad Boo hoo!

Iron Maiden wrote:
You never miss it till it's gone away

someday I'm just going to quit this job and go back home.
oh my god, let me start the bbq anytime in the year, anytime of the day, anything is possible from antipasta to deserts...

a good pho every once in a while is nice too, but I like those even more in those restaurants where you barely want to enter because it is that ... bizar : dark, full of vietnamese cookes with supersized knifes, scars in the face, not overly amused ... willing to make a damn good pho for you though even if is has to be with your own flesh in it..
Oh yeah.. I do love cooking, especially of our native cuisines here in our place.. Exclamation Very Happy
I like cooking..but I dont do it often only if I have holidays but otherwise I will be busy with college.
mOrpheuS wrote:
I just love cooking.
especially my mom's Mr. Green

but I'm staying away from home since I was 17 Crying or Very sad Boo hoo!

Iron Maiden wrote:
You never miss it till it's gone away

someday I'm just going to quit this job and go back home.

offtopic, sorry

damn, i just can't recognize that line..
is it from a song?
Helios wrote:
damn, i just can't recognize that line..

song : "wasted years"

Iron Maiden wrote:
ain't it funny how it is, you never miss it till it's gone away,
and my heart is lying there, and will be to my dying day...

sound familiar ?
Some arab
You know what I like cooking. Its fun and if you do it right it actually tastes good but for now i think ill stick to my mom's cooking now that stuff is GOOD (Of course all arabian food is Very Happy )
I can only cook instant noodles...LOL....but I like it though
I love to cook but sometimes i can be a real disaster in the kitchen Twisted Evil I usually like to make desserts, pastries, pasta, pizza, chinese cuisine and creole dishes. When my mum started teaching how to cook, it was funny to see the results of those terrible experiences.... anyway now, I can relatively be a good cook. anyway, my grandmother has much more patience to teach me... she would frequently 'invent' new dishes and i would be helping her.
I dont like cooking, only eating... Very Happy
Yep. Except all I really cook in my house is lunch for me during the summers, and desserts from time to time like cookies, none of which are very good, even with the mix, lol. But yeah, cooking's fun, especially since I'm a big do-it-yourself-er/crafty person, and cooking goes under that category.
Yes I like but Im terrible cook Laughing Embarassed
well i like to eat but coookin i don think so ..sounds womenish....
i like to cook... it's fun, gives me something to do, which is creative... and i like to see people enjoying something i have created...

ah ye, and ainsley harriot is a bad mu------
yeah i like to eat, but quite lazy to cook sometimes so I'll just buy the pre-made sauces in the supermarket and pour it in with meat and voila! good food =)
yes, i like Laughing
same with me.
just like to cook easy meal for life. instant noodle, egg, fried food, etc

but i want someday become a cooking master life on the cartoon.
use special power to cook. Very Happy
mOrpheuS wrote:
Helios wrote:
damn, i just can't recognize that line..

song : "wasted years"

Iron Maiden wrote:
ain't it funny how it is, you never miss it till it's gone away,
and my heart is lying there, and will be to my dying day...

sound familiar ?

Yea xD

Now it sounds femiliar Smile

Just listened to that song.
it depens what....i don't like to cook a lot of things but some foods i do like to cook.
Mickey wrote:
yes i like,noodles,simple food eg:soup,vegetables and noodles

i dont like cooking Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
No, I don't.
Dude, when it comes to food.. I'm really have a good sense of taste. If I say something's not quite right, it's most of the time correct. Unfortunately though, I can't cook Sad really should learn. (lol.. does cooking instant noodles count?)
I like cooking because when you"re done-The food is fantastic!-that's what happen when you work hard cooking it-everything gets better.
i rock at cooking. i can cook noodles, cassorales but i LOVE making deserts. u can take any ordinary crap and cover it with sugar and it will taste good! and i make a legendary fudge sauce! im good w/ cakes too

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{ happy birthday }
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that mite not come out rite, lemme try again...

{{happy b-day}}
Neutral i hate cooking, eating is my thing Cool
i don't like to cook.. it takes a lot more time than eating. lol.
kind of.....but i was always lazy.... Confused
Augh, I LOVE cooking. It's a nice way to express yourself, and you can make tons of cool dishes. Plus, I love food, so the combination works out very, very well, haha.
I can't cook worth a $***. Sorry to curse but it's true. Everytime I even *try* to cook, I can't. It just always turns out bad. But hey, my roommate knows how to cook and I'm happy.

*40th Post and Counting*
Yes! I love cooking!! Can make make a mean TERRA MA SUE I go to a culinary in pittsburgh! I love cooking! I have cooked all my life! even before i went o college I would cook at home! No tmany normal kids when out on there own and with friends cook! My friends loved me! I would cook great meals and we wouldnt have to pay so much to go out and eat! So that was the best part saving money! One day one of my friends entered me in a cooking contest and I won a free ride to a culinary school of my choice so of course I took it and now I am an even better cook and waiting to graduate and become a chef at a resturaunt!
i don't love cooking
I looooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Cooking!!!!!
I like cooking stuff with lots of spices and stuff like that! pasgettie sauce inperticuler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more I like to eat than to cook...
and if depends on the cookery this I know to cook water and the milk... Smile
Well I do like eating. My Favourites are Pizza, Mc Donalds, Fast Food and Chicken Snitzel (sorry I dunno how to spell it).
In Australia it's mostly MEAT! YUM YUM YUM!!!
I don't mind cooking ...I like baking....but I don't like to clean up after I've baked and cooked....
To tell u the truth,I don't know how to do cooking.........
Yes I liko cooking with my girlfriend Smile
( She does all the cooking , I do all the teasing her Smile)))
Hi, I'm fourteen and I've got the cooking genes from my MOM! Now I've totally created so many recipes, you don't want to count them. I love making fried rice, pancakes, noodles (instant), and a bunch of other stuff.
Only if I'm in the mood
I like cooking, as long as I get to eat what I cook.
Yes i really like cooking. I see a program of TV everydays of a very important cook called Karlos Arguiñano. I like her recipes, and after i cook it Very Happy
i like to cook simple meals often with mincemeat or chicken, i like to experement with sauces and spices. but as we battle against time harder and harder these days i seem to use ready meals now and again.

as a part time job i work at Pizza Hut, lol, so eat far too many pizza's!!!
I love to cook anything and everything I can never get enough of trying new things either... I'm pretty good too... Wink
Zaheer Khan
yeah i like cooking but i dont know how to cook... but i sometimes "invents" somethings to eat...only for me Crying or Very sad
i nvr liked cooking. Mainly cause i suck at cooking. Everything i cook turns out to be a disaster. So i normally stick to instant cup noodles or microwave frozen foods.

But my gf likes to cook, and she cooks good food. Always liked her food Laughing Laughing
Eating is the thing. Easier Wink
I like eating other people's cooking


creative highlighting is fun

Though I'm not a huge fan of eating. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier if eating were unnecessary...
I prefer eating. Smile I'm not good in cooking *laughs*
I do like cooking. My favorite thing(s) to cook/bake is eiither Snickerdoodle cookies or Lasagna.
I love cooking pasta. Always Laughing
I like to eat junk food
I enjoy cooking. I cook quite a bit, to give my wife a hand while she's taking care of our four kids. I cook breakfast foods, dinner, etc. I enjoy cooking spaghetti with meat sauce, chili, fajitas, sloppy joes, etc. I also enjoy grilling foods outside.

i like little, because i am in China, you know, here everywhere you can find cheap nice restaurants, so i do not need to cook a lot to have delicious food, just go to the restaurant, everything will be ok. no doubt, i can cook, the most things i like is soup.
I do love cooking.

It is one of my hobby here in Saudi Arabia besides computer. Hehehehe! Very Happy Cool
Yup I have been cooking for almost half a century and because of having lived in a variaty of countries, it consists of dishes from Japan,China,Thailand over to the European variaties French,Italian etc., I love to cook and therefore am the self appointed cook here on the Planetes (aint poisoned anyone yet!).
I find it relaxing and that way I eat what I fell like every day =))
I love cooking. Especially over coals or fire. Just something so viseral about it. The smells and the tastes are just wonderful and have always made the meal a great one.

Best food I have ever eaten has always come from over the campfire or grill.

Aha,it is a good topic! I really like cooking,when I stay at home only,I will cook everything I want to eat. If you like cooking,you will find there is very intereting in cooking,try to cook something original,also an art.
I love cooking, I did a catering(Cooking) course at university, but I couldn't stand the heat and stress of the commercial kitchens. its pretty funny though cause as much as I love cooking, I never get around to it and just end up eating junk food Sad
i really cooking, but i hardly have time to cook, i enjoy cooking with my friends, once in a while we have a very lavish cooking session, we make some some really exotic stuff and generally we just have a blast and the end result is fab. i wish we could do it more often, but my schedule doesn't permit it, but i do cook simple stuff on a daily basis, like noodles, pasta, etc etc..
As long as it's something I enjoy eating, sure, cooking's great. But if I'm making like grandma's recipe for spinach souffle (no offense to grandma's or souffles) that I really don't care for, it's kind of a chore. But making something new, or making cookies or teriyaki, cooking's great.
I cant really cook, always ruin the food! like eating food though.
Im more of a take away or make someone else do it person
I like cooking, I can cook french fries, scrabbled eggs, sausages, ham, and other basic cooking lol. Not very good in mixing ingredients and recipes Confused
Of course! How would anybody survive through this all with out Rolling Eyes

Now when I even have the time to cook, I love spending some time to it.

i really really like cooking !
i like it that much that I even consider to become a cook somewhere in my life.
I was a physiotherapist/manual therapist before, got bored and went programming for the web, when I'm bored at that I probably go studying to become a forest guard or whatever you call the green dude in the jeep making his way through the woods with his big gun and dog, trying to catch people who illegally shoot wildlife.
when I'm bored with that, i had landscape architect in mind, and somewhere after that cook was in line (I hate my grandfather for this, he had it in his genes too to become bored too quickly while working)

i love cooking from start to end really : start meaning growing the vegetables, searching for eggs under my chickens, making pasta from these eggs, turning vegetables in sauce,... you get the picture don't you.
I could support myself without working even... maybe I will try that for some time, but I think I will get bored with this even sooner than the rest
Yeah, i like cooking! I mostly cook hotdogs, eggs, pancakes, and bacons for my family on the weekend. I enjoy since my family enjoys eating them. lol. I could cook spaghetti as cook was pretty good actually when i first tried it.
Gimme a recipe and I'll have your food done in 10 mins... plus the time it takes to accually cook the food.
me like cooking fast food , noodle and some cusine
I can't cook at all... The two most advanced things I have cooked are cereal (pour milk and add cereal) and oatmeal (microwave water and oats).
I prefer Eating =)
That goes for me, too. My mom cooks good food Wink
I do love to cook, and im only 14. But i think it's important that u learn to cook. It's both fun and good to knew how to do it etc.
We cook 2 days a week in school, and the teacher acually think im good at it Embarassed Smile
I enjoy cooking, I've been cooking for years now and I can't seem to get away from it. It's like a drug to me
I 13, and I have cooked everything from a turkey to a lavender creme'brule.
I especially love cooking sweets, and eating them (go figure), i have even invented a candy. Hope to be a chef one day. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Cool
ya, me too. i like cooking. When i have time, i like preparing dinner for the whole family. i can do some simple chinese cuisine, japanese curry, and thai cuisine. It's so happy to provide a delicious meal to the whole family and friends.

but i only like to cook. Actually, i do not eat much after... ...
No, I hate cooking~ Shocked
Hmm i like cooking very much but i dont have time to do it well i like to cook n-veg very much
no i don't like cooking
I am EVIL at making pasta sauces. I start with frying onions in olive oil, then add mushrooms. Throw in some green peppers and then add peeled whole tomatoes. Stir it all up and add some tomatoe paste. Sometimes add some corn. Sprinkle in lots of oregano.
Serve with any pasta!!!
i don't know to cook!!!

I dont really like to cook anything even if its simple or not. Its the fact of standing over a stove and have to do everything righ tfor it to come out perfect. I only cook because I have to eat, Noone will come up to me and say you want me to cook you something? So I have to cook myself to feed my hunger.
I love the really calming, almost meditative focus I get when I'm doing the manual things, like scrubbing and chopping vegetables. Then I get to the actual cooking and I love the smells and sounds of it. It's the eating that gets me in trouble, because I like it too much. Laughing

Actually, what I really miss is having others around to feed. When I living with my mom and in High School, I'd have 2 or 3 friends over and they'd stay most of the weekend and we'd hang out, watch movies, roleplay, sometimes go out to catch a local band or something and I'd cook for them. I cooked dinner more often than my mom did, because she worked long hours but I just had school and liked to help her out.

Now, I live by myself except for pets and I don't get to enjoy watching someone appreciate my food or take care of the people I'm fond of by feeding them. Cooking for other people seems more satisfying than just cooking for me, but it's still cheaper and better food than eating out all the time.

Here's a question for anyone else who likes cooking (or even who doesn't but has some favorite recipes): If I started a thread for exchanging recipes, do you think anyone would post to or read it?
I like cooking very much.
But,my GF doesn't like cooking,very sad thing
No I do not ....

I love to enjoy the process of eating...

My mom cooks for all of us and we make sure we eat at home to make her happy...
i love cooking. i'm vegetarian so i usually substitute meat for tofu or vegetarian meat. recently i made tofurkey with my friend. it tasted just as good as regular turkey!
i can cook, but i cannot bake... case closed.
yea i like cooking if it some good food, and not to freaking compiclated to make. i just allways forget to put spice on it

but its better to make maps for counter strike
I also love cooking, but not just for myself. The company matters!
On university parties I am used to be the cook, and I was good! (And I also got drunk during the process.) So, these are nice memories. Nowadays I also cook for my friends, and we have a good time.
Hey, does anybody want to start a recipes topic?
i like to eat but it can be quite fun to cook sometimes..
I love to cook any and everything. I wish I could get paid for it. Maybe one day I could cook in my own restaurant. I know I would do very well. Oh, and baking too! I don't like cooking for just anybody, though. A lot of people don't appreciate good food. *sigh* I guess that's why we have places like McDonalds d'oh!
I'm a so-so cook...

I can cook a mean spag bol (spaghetti bolagainse), I can cook a decent piece of steak, I can fry up some chips, I can cook the occasional mashed potatoes.

I've started to get into cooking a warped version of poutinem minus gravy, I'm not a fan of gravy.
I cook up chicken all the time... amazing source of protein to get huge
i dont like it but when i do cook sometimes its really good. but most of the time its burnt. i like guys who can cook for u. Laughing
I prefer food "made by mama"Smile but when she's away, I must go to the restaurant, because in other wise I'd be starving Laughing
Lol i loveeee coocking Very Happy
Download, I've been tracking some your posts and all you seem to be posting is spam. 11 posts, and 13 FRIH$. I suggest you revise your posts, and contrivute to the forum.

I did cooking for a semester (half year) for school. I got a C. 'Nuff said.
Yep I love cooking. Mostly Italian style although I'm not bad at the Sunday roasts. Tonight will be salmon fillets poached with garlic and lemon served with lemon and coriander couscous. Twenty minutes max. Whats wrong with you guys, it would take you longer to get the pizza out of the freezer.
I like coocking....
Espessially brownies!.....
Thats the best cake on earth!
I like to cook but all i could do best is boil water, cause i always burn my food out of recognition.........
very much...

my specialty is pasta... Laughing
i like to cook fish. i also like to prepare dishes of eggs, chicken. etc...
hell yeah!! I love pasta and fish. Pasta is SO easy to cook, too. And fish is very healthy for you, im craving some shark steaks right now. Mmmmm Shocked
Cooking? No I don´t like it. I try to live vegan and I lived a year without cooking anything. It was so easy and I really loved it to live that way. I did read, that cooked things have a lot of poison in it, only uncooked vegatables and fruits are really good for the body - and what I really noticed: for a free thinking and powerful usage of the body. I never felt tired, like the years before, after a heavy meal with cooked things. It was an easy going life, full of salads and natural vegetables and fruits.

Now i have given up this project - still not eating meat - and I noticed, that a heavy feeling is always with me. I think I will go back to the light and soft feeling again.

The nature has got everything for us, in the perfect dosage. The saisonal fruits and vegetables, and the regional appearance is for the human the best thing to eat. That is my opinion, we have to pick out and try out the needs of an healthy nutrition by ourselves. Following just the greed, brings us in big problems and in the uncomfortable position of a wasting disease when we are old, or maybe much more earlier, maybe you are already ill of your nutrition?

So, we must pay more attention to every part of our being, the visible like our nutrition and especially the invisible, like our thoughts, cause they have a deep-acting effect on the body.

yes i like to cook for my girlfriend. i always "cook" cheese with tomatoes and tuna !!! hmmm thats so good !!
and sometimes i "cook" "frozen pizza" Laughing
i can cook toast Very Happy
i can cook baked beans.
i can make soup if im being supervised Laughing
i've made sticky date pudding before - albeit simple one.

but really.. i can't cook for poo. Rolling Eyes
i now shall tell you what i can cook whick is: spahgetti, ramen noodles, macironi and cheese, pizza in the oven, sandwickes- penut butter no jelly
, cheese sandwiches melted with chedder and american and parmeshan with a bit of turkey ham and sauceage makes a great sandwiches and also i love to make toast pizza, and chicken noodle soup, and last but the tastyest yummy clam chowder Drool
Yeah I like to prepare food, so cooking falls under that category as well. Because of the 'healthy' lifestyle I try to lead, I stand in the kitchen a LOT everyday (I eat 6-7 meals a day). Sometimes I get sick of preparing food and then I'll just to something simple, like throw tuna out of the can into a bowl and chop in a tomato and voila. Haha, but often I enjoy making my food Cool
Yes I love to cook and do most of the cooking in my house. Mainly I like to experiment with what usually turns out to be Italian style dishes but I also do a wicked traditional Sunday roast...Roast Beef and Yorshire puddings, four veg..yum yum!

At one time my wife and I thought about opening a restaurant in South Devon, England but we didnt quite make it, but its still a dream.
I love to cook, my hubby loves my lasagna. But baking is my specialty.
When I have to, i do it. Actualy, more than cooking i like eating Laughing
Up until now, I don't know how to cook... hehe. I'm good at eating, but I'm not good at cooking. XP
Cooking can be fun, only for a few reasons though. If I must cook out of necessesity for a meal, then I usually don't like it and I go for something quick and simple. On the other hand, I sometimes spontaniously decide that I want to cook and I'll get up and enjoy cooking something that can take hours to prepare.
I like cooking
but i don't know to ****** everything
and i like eating more
i don't like cooking because i can't
I hope that one day i could cook something
You know the eggs, then i can't cook, them and never tried
I guess i will have t do it one day
I LOVE cooking. When I have free time, I enjoy preparing a meal.

I will apply to a culinary arts school.
One of the nice things aboput cooking is that you can eat the results, or even the unfinished versions (especially cakes!). Like most things though, the less you do it the more interesting it is, which is probably why there are more famous male cooks than female ones (the men usually have wives who cook for them at home).
panoramicview wrote:
I prefer Eating Very Happy

That's a think that I realy like to do...

I love to cook too, but I only can do a few things. What I really like to cook (and cook very well) is strogonoff. Someday I wish to cook as well as my mom. She can do really different dishes, like feijoada (a brazilian recipe), croissants, pizza, gnochi...
I'm not really naturally good at cooking, it's one of those things I'll do if I have to unfortunatly. Can see the potential enjoyment of it though.
I enjoy eating better than cooking. Razz
Moved to Hobbies (and animals).

Well... hobbies because it could be your hobby, and animals because... some animals get cooked?
My mother never put me to make dinner so my coocking is not the best.
I would spendmy time other ways, but when I am in the mood I will make something.
cooking simple things isnt what i do...i love to open to a random the book.....get all the ingredients...and come home and try to make it....ive made some really great stuff....ill take a picture next time i make somthing random.
James007 wrote:
Moved to Hobbies (and animals).

Well... hobbies because it could be your hobby, and animals because... some animals get cooked?

no matter what, you kill somthing to cook..plant/animal
i like cooking,but i am not good at cooking
I enjoy cooking
only with and for other people!

sound weird?

was living alone for like 8 years
(with flatmates of course)

but man, cooking by yourself, for yourself

preparing food yourself, washing yourself,
cleaning up yourself.


so yes. i prefer cooking with and for other
people. so much more fun,, fulfilling and enjoyable.

(it also helps if they can swallow my food down)


I prefer to eat .and i also like cooking.
loveit wrote:
I prefer to eat .and i also like cooking.

I agree with the last point, but in the contrary way:
I prefer to cook. and I also like eating.

Cooking is more constructive, eating is more like destructive. Or transforming things (food into manure). But cooking is also transforming things (ingredients into food). So cooking and eating are the same?
I'm not sure...

The one who cooks makes the one who eats happy; the one who eats makes the one who cooked happy! but sometimes, he eats too fast, and the one who cooked is like frustrated. What could we say about that? nothing... most often, the one who cooked remains vexated, but doesn't say anything, and then forgets about the incident. The one who ate goes to the toilets afterwards for transforming what the one who cooked cooked into manure.

So cooking and eating is like an emotionally dangerous collaboration for transforming ingredients into manure. A less emotionally dangerous way to achieve the same transformation is to let the ingredients out of the fridge, and after a variously long time it turned into manure. But by that way, no one was fed -except microorganisms. Which are much more numerous than humans. So, they are better cooks because they turn ingredients into manure without the "food" step, and get fed anyway.

But I like cooking anyway, even if it sound irrationnal after this demonstration.
No, I don't like cooking. I just like eating...
no. My girlfrends like)
I do not know a lot about cooking. I know how to cook few deshes. But i love to eat.
I like to cook egg and vegetables.
I like cooking, but I prefer grilling even more. Cant wait for the weather to be a bit nicer outside
yes, and like to cooked tuna.
panoramicview wrote:
I prefer Eating Very Happy

We are on the same boat. Laughing Laughing Laughing
phaproduction wrote:
I like cooking, but I prefer grilling even more. Cant wait for the weather to be a bit nicer outside

Yes, grilling is great if you or your friends have an own garden!
I like this too and looking forward that summer is coming!
rainbowbridge wrote:
phaproduction wrote:
I like cooking, but I prefer grilling even more. Cant wait for the weather to be a bit nicer outside

Yes, grilling is great if you or your friends have an own garden!
I like this too and looking forward that summer is coming!

When I left school
an old woman approached me
I was sitting around a fire and cooking

why do You cook

I answered I made baked beans with meat in a pan on the fire

Im hungry.

But You are a man and she became mad.
I love cooking - especially grilling - cooking things on the grill is fun and they taste great. I also love preparing fresh veggie plates and platters with different mixes of veggies and sauces.

My favorite meal is grilled steak with avocado, tomato, and onion salad with sesame salad dressing and fresh baked bread.

My wife is great at making quite a few dishes from the UK, one of her party favorites is sausage rolls with hot mustard - they go over great at get together's with friends! They were all the rave at the Super Bowl party this past February!

Friend of our from UK asked what she does to make them - how does she prepare the dough, where does she get the sausage - she laughed and told her she uses Marie Calender's puff pastry dough and Jimmy Dean sausage - she mixes maple and hot sausage together. Nothing special about the ingredients they are store bought!
Every sunday
we cook in groups
12 humans most are adults.

Cause special men are often very lazy and eat dirt.

Enjoy life with friends and delicious food and the best bottle of wine.

Is TV really fun, watching it alone?
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