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noise from my computer

ok this has been going on for like a week now and is driving me freeking CRAZY!!!!!!! You know those wind up toys you had when you were a kid, you wind them up and the walk or jump, but they kinda make that gear noise when they move. Well my computer speaker and headphones make that noise everytime i move my mouse. It doesnt make the noise anyother time, just when i move my mouse. I started to make music with it so it wouldnt get so bothered by it, but now i cant take it anymore. anyone have an idea as to why, or how this noise is made?? a bad ground or something?
Have you tried a different mouse?
Have you checked if the cable from your mouse is moving the cable of your speakers everytime you use it?
Make sure the cables are not coming in contact with any fan blades.
Chances are your speakers have thier own volume. Turn the speaker volume down. Turn your windows volume up to half way. The windows volume should never be above 50% to avoid distortion. If you have anything plugged into the sound card input pull it out, and mute the input. This should fix ur problem. If you had and input device, and you want to put it back in, play with the volume levels of the input device to avoid the most distortion.

Hope this helps
hey the-geek.. ive had the same problem but after moving house and it doesnt happen anymore i thought maybe it was down to somehting to do with the electrics at the old place.. because it was sort of like a ground hum 60hz type sound when i moved the mouse.. as i make music aswell it drove me mad.. another annoying problem i had was my guitar pickup pickin up my monitor hum.. so i bought a humbuker pickup which does some out-of-phase cancelling to remove the noise. Smile anyways i think your problem is electrical like something not grounded properly..listen to the sound as u move the mouse and wiggle and move wires around and see if it going in-out of a magentic field.. i could totally be worng though Wink sorry if it was no help Smile
Odds are that it is because there mouse moving is doing 1 of a few things:

1. Your mouse wire is moving your speaker wires when you move the mouse and that is causing a distorted sound to come through the speakers

2. If you have a microphone, you might be causing a vibration to go through the surface your mouse is on and go into your microphone.

There are others but they are very unlikely, those are the most likely/sensible ones I can think of.

Another thing that I can suggest but idk if its relevant since you don't have a picture of the way things are plugged in posted up. If your using front audio jacks, try using the back ones. If you are using a plug for the USB mouse near the audio jack, try moving it to one that is farther away to see if it might be electical noise (though unlikely)

P.S...Nice user name Cool
hey, the reason your comp has started to do this is becouase your virtual memory is low and disk space is fragged up.. so i sugest removing old programmes and games you dnt use.. and deffreagging your computer. then check your volume control settings.. the reason for the hum is because the power to the mouse has to be draind from your hard working harddrive.... so you need to half your HDD load....

Hope you solve it. gives us a messege if it works
Check out the electrical connection specialy ground. Also check the connector
of the mouse. If it is a usb mouse then try another port. If it is a PS/2 or serial mouse then try with a USB mouse. Sometimes corrupted sound driver
also creates problem. In that case reinstall the driver and try. Also check for
any loose connection. Check by removing the speaker point and putting a head phone at line out. Sometimes improperly shielded speakers cause distrotion if they are placed too near to the UPS or monitor.
I have encountered this problem a couple of times on different computers, it seems more noticeable when using headphones. My desktop machine still has this problem although not terribly noticeable it is definitely there in the background and becomes more noticeable when i move my mouse. I also noticed when i had the cover off the case a while ago the RAM modules themselves seemed to make a very high pitched noise every time i moved the mouse! very odd!

If i was to take a guess i would imagine that is is caused by some sort of HF. interference as most PCs have pretty high frequencies in their circuitry, but if that is the case my desktop uses the on board sound therefore it would have to be interference on/from the motherboard itself.

It would be very interesting to know the cause of this problem. Maybe a question for an electronics engineer?

if you are using windows xp, then use the following procedure to reduce desktop noise-----

1)right click on desktop and select properties.
2)click on properties. now in display properties , click on setting tab.
3)then click on advance button and from the new window select MONITOR tab.
3)now in SCREEN REFRESH RATE , choose the value like 85Hz. by this your your monitor refreshes at the followin rate and it also decreases noise from your monitor and also decreases color impurity.

if you need more help, then please contact me or do pm to me.

abhi Idea
The MIB are listening. j/k Laughing Twisted Evil

I had a mouse do the same thing. just restart the computer. Usually worked for me. I think it's just when IE/XP locks up.
Try adjusting (muting) the volume control for the devices you don't use

Start>Run> write Sndvol32
Try Muting things like "Cd Player/Line In/Microphone /SW Synth" and experiment with this

I wish you good luck Laughing
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