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Thumb-drive Linux Distro

Does anyone know of a good usb-drive Linux distribution. 500mb or less would be good, I have 5gb though.
you might wanna try out Feather Linux

takes up 115MB
i always thought that looked good.. might be worth a try.
I actually know of two. The first is called DSL (Damn Small Linux) and is a Debian based distribution. It takes up about 50mb and has a lot of nice features. goto

The second is called Puppy Linux. It takes up a bit more then 50mb but also has a lot of nice features. see

See I'm am just soooo smart,....well I guess I can' take all the credit. There was a really nice article on page 24 in the august issue of Linux Journal.

Hope this helped

thak you very much for this info. this way, i can reuse my ol ibm 300GL pc's., in a far more economical way.
hmm.. this intrests me Smile ive never thought bought doing this all...

few questions i have though

a: does it work only like a live disk when you boot to the flash drive? (as in, any files you create, save, etc, will be gone if you reboot) or can it work like a fully functional harddrive where i can install some os on it, and be able to save files n such too without loosing them on reboot...

b: lets say i use 50mb with dsl on a 128mb key.. can i still use my remaining 78mb like its normal flash drive self? if so will dsl recognize the flash drive in there? allowing me to put files in there to be saved, thus allowing me to kinda ignore what i asked about in question a.

if either of these options are possible, but require a lot more work setting up the drive... im up to the task Wink if not.. oh well...
Neus wrote:

b: lets say i use 50mb with dsl on a 128mb key.. can i still use my remaining 78mb like its normal flash drive self? .

Today's word is: partition

yeh i didnt think of a thumb drive like that, but as i did more research, everything tells you how to partition them and such and set it up...

ive been searching around like mad, found quite a few good guides and such, and im going to try putting linux on a 256mb drive (probably dsl.. so i still will have plenty of storage abilities to use it for other backup)...

fun little project Wink cource tomarrow is first day of school too.. such a waste of time... Wink i guess ill have to wait till after school to do it...
google: live CD

and sort by size Smile
The nice thing about a thumb drive version of linux, is you can take it with you on the fly and use it like your computer. It'll keep your settings, you can save files to it, were as a live CD won't. Now there are probaly some live cd versions that will allow you to save a settings file to a floppy/cd/hd but in my opinion thats a pain and doesn't fit to the original intent of this post.

1 Gig Thumb drives are fairly common these days and I even saw a 3 Gig for sale someplace the other day.

Live cds are better for

1. System Maintanance
2. Converting friends over to linux (hey check out this cool cd)
3. Letting people test drive linux
4. Obtaining access to an otherwise locked computer
5. etc...

it's essentials, no X, only shell, but it's ok! Slax is a slackware-based distribuition.
I use damn small linux all the time an it rocks - just make sure your motherboard can boot from a USB stick or it wont work.
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