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looking for a Fairly Old Game... Maybe You Can Help?

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About 15-20 years ago, one of my friends had a game that was called M.O.T.U (Masters of the Universe). And it was a DOS based game... although we ran it through Powermenu or something liek that...

No, this was not a heman game... it was an all text based game where you were basically a mining spacecraft and you could do trades with players if you landed on the same sectors as they were on, and there were also planets that you could find different ores on, get money from selling these ores to trading shops that were in certain sectors... and you could also attack other players ships if you landed in the same sectors as them and you could loot their stuff if you won the battle.

And if I remember correctly, you were limited to 30 moves per day (but I am not sure if this was something that the sysop could change or if it was just set that way)...

Sorry if this looks familiar to you but some parts don't make sense... I am doing my best tryingto remember this game and hopefully someone else may have a copy of it or know a place that I can buy it... I don't remember if it was shareware, freeware, or commercialware... but any help in finding this game would be greatly appreciated!

While I must admit that I never heard of the game, you could try searching Abandonware rings, as the chance of this game to be found in sales is, well, about close to zero. Furthermore, license agreements for selling et cetera are technically out, since by getting a free version of it, you aren't imparing the sales or income of the original manufacturer in any way. In any case, check Abandonware, one of the sites might as well have what you're looking for. Though I'm afraid it might be a bit too far in the past, that game of yours.
"wat is DOS lolololol"

Sounds like a pretty fun game, but I've never heard of it. Chances are you're gonna need to find some retro games place to have any luck of finding it. Graphics seem to have dominated the gaming industry, and any game with really good graphics will do well, regardless of gameplay.

If you manage to find this anywhere, let me know, I'd love to give it a try. Smile
Hey man,

I've never heard of the game, but definitely check this place out. It's a small, local vintage games store. The staff there are very useful and more than likely have heard of M.O.T.U. The webpage has their phone number. Call them and see if they can find you the game, maybe they can mail it out to you. They're based in eastern Pennsylvania. Good luck man
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