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What do you like in art (Frih!)

As the title says, normally I post this on designers forums, but I am in need of the opinion of the non-GFXing man too.
So as the question says: This is an example: I like a consistent light source that reacts naturally with the rest of the artwork.
Don't just spam me, you need a good, original reason.
I was thinking 10 frih per answer and more if it is really good, how about up to 50!
This is a survey for my blog and I hold the right to refuse payment at any time (although for a good answer you should be paid).
Happy Posting
Captain Fertile
I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but;

I like art (as in pictures as opposed to other types of art) to have layers. What I mean by this is that there are a number of elements to the image.

1. You get your first over-all impression of the picture.

2. You look deeper at the main subject and work on understanding the composition.

3. You step away from the picture and discover more elements

4. You look from the side (mainly on oil paintings etc.) to get a feeling of the brushwork or where the artist may have used a knife to appreciate the technique.

I then repeat steps 2-4 a number of times on a picture I find of particular interest. The more times you can do this and find something of interest (whether in composition, technique or subject) the better the image is in my opinion.

After this I look at my impression of the picture and compare it to how I felt when I first saw it. Obviously this is all done subconsciously but I have broken it down into words.

Hope this helps. In fact I hope this is even what you were looking for, please forgive me if it is not and I have simply muddied the water for everyone else.
I like how the environment react on the nature. Like when there is a lot of wind that trees bend and leaves fall off. And ofcourse is there's any person in it that the hair waves in the direction of the wind. I also like red skies from the sun that's coming down.
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