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Stolen Poem

Jak says:
Powerful, emotions are, when we are facing that one star, waiting on a summers day to know who went which way
those that look and see inside, realise that we do not hide, but out of anger love or hate we show to those who appreciate, our talents, life in its full on valentines day we act the fool.
Jak says:
Those that look and never find, jealous of that other guy, who took his time and chose quite well, the lady suited to his hell, who watches waits and takes his time, unlike those that look and never find.
Jak says:
Valentines a time of rubble, like the witchess toil and trouble, brewing away that broth of love, heating up that pure white dove, or those roses near that bush, wild not grown to put, in a boquet and send it to, the one you love and tell her, that boque of wild rose, means i truly love you so.

This is the poem Jak claims to have created from scratch in 15 minutes, he is no genius and will tern 15 years old soon, I believe he is lying as he has never shown any talent in writing and has lied to me before about unrelated matters.
He is unable to show me any other writing as he is
F*** i dont have em on this comp

Tell me if you have seen this anywhere else, although he may have stolen it from the newspaper.
no i wrote em, but think what you may the pride will allways be with me that you feel so highly of my poems to think i stole them
I find it pretty easy to believe he wrote it. No offense meant to Jak, but if you say that he showed no previous talent in writing before the poem expresses none. If you enjoy writing, Jak, this isn't to say you can't improve and get better. The emotion in the poem is present, but the content makes it fairly easy to believe it was written in fifteen minutes by someone who does not write often.
Eh, they're alright. They're not entirely pathetic, but they're not that great either, IMHO. Nor are they long, either. I could see somebody writing them from scratch in 15 minutes.

It doesn't take genius or intelligence to write poetry.
eh. it's not great or anything. pretty believable that he wrote it.
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