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Rakion Chaos Force

Pretty much this is a Korean run game with servers in Korean, Latino, and the Americas. It is a newly formed PVP-Based RPG where if you have enough skill, you need not worry about your level.

There are five character classes: Warrior, Mage, Blacksmith, Archer and Ninja.. Each with Advantages and disadvantages to playing Stages, Solo games, Team Deathmatch or Golem games.

Stage: This is where you (and potentially other people) work to complete a set of events in a certain time limit earning different ranks of D, C, B, A and S, S being the best. You are awarded gold and exp based on your ranking. You do not respawn if you die.

Solo: This is where you fight alone against up to 15 other players (16 to a game) under a time limit of up to 20 minutes and a max kill count of your choice up to 30. You get 1 exp for a kill and bonus exp if you are the top player of that round. You respawn if you die.

Team Deathmatch: This is where you must try to fight along side a team of other players who you may not know and try to reach a set kill count before the other team does. You respawn if you die.

Golem Deathmatch: This is where there are two teams (red and blue) who both have a master golem. There is a golden golem at the center of the map in which your team must kill, there getting the golden sword which enables to you hurt the other teams master golem. Golem Deathmatch games in higher level games are also treated as Team Deathmatches where the team that loses all its players first loses. You do not respawn if you die.

Level: As you level up you can put stat points into 10 different catagories. They are: Basic attack, Range attack, Special attack, Grip attack, Cell destruction, Max Health, Max armor, Attack speed, Move speed, and Max cell points. As you level you can also buy more powerful equipment to suit your character.

Items: As you level up you may purchase more items that give stat benefits (or sometimes negatives) that can boost your damage, damage taken or speed.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys fast-paced first person shooters. This game is highly addicting and will ensure an entire night of fun.

If you are interested with the game and need help, message me ingame. My name is TheGheyCat, ManntisCore, or TehGhey
I loved this game. I made it to level 3x.
But it is incompatable with the graphics card on my new computer. (makes objects get deformed at certain angles. to the point where most of the screen is covered)
Dang... That really sucks =P I got level 41, 35, and 10 at the moment =/ Not the greatest cause now the best on Can/Us server is at alevel 70's average...
I used to be addicted to this game. Was like nothing I'd ever played online before. I didn't get very far in terms of levels though. I kept getting to about level 13 which one character, then starting a new one.

Before I got my new computer, I was pretty good as Archer. But now, my camera follows every single movement I make. I've still got the game installed, but I don't play it as much as I used to. Blacksmith was my new choice of class. Grip-smith, actually.

If anyone is looking for a decent free game to keep them entertained for a good few days, even weeks, I'd suggest definately trying Rakion.
Is there anyone that still plays then?
From what I heard, this game is very hard to control. By that I mean the controls take a lot of getting used to and can be frustrating. Am I correct?
If you've ever played a FPS game on the PC, then the control aren't hard. Not one bit. Basic WASD movement, right and left click are for primary and secondary attacks, Q is switch weapon, etc.
Most people say it's hard because they don't know strategy Wink

Most people press left click over and over and do combos. The more experienced players know your a noob, so they block your combo, stun you then special you. You end up dying, getting frustrated and quitting the game Wink

Then when you get into 31-99 games (my archers level 42) you get stalked when you're an easy target (archers and mages get stalked most... They have low armor and they are slow and usually bad players =[)
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