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I need a US History topic

OK everyone, start brainstorming for topics that were important to the United States. I have a report that has to be four pages long and I also have to make a slideshow presentation on it.
Please, if anyone has a good idea, just shout it out!

Thanks. Very Happy
Civil Rights Movement.
Choose a war, any war.
How about the time period between WWI and WWII? Great Depression, Roaring 20's, etc.
Give us some hints here, what are you interested in? Do you like explorers, wars, suffragettes, revolutions, movements, gangsters/criminals, economic recessions/booms, political scandals and mud-slinging, earlier or later history, modern history, anything else? US history is a broad subject (just be thankful you weren't given British history or European history), and nobody can supply you a magic topic out of a hat that you will like and enjoy studying, we have to first get a little information about the things you like, and then can suggest historical events/figures in the US that match your tastes.

You might want to look up things that happened in the 80's-90's, since most history classes don't cover that recent (usually they only go to Vietnam), and the things that happened in those years have a huge significance on our current times (Kosovo, Rwanda, Iran-Contra, US involvement with Latin and South American nations, the Gulf War, the "coming of age" of the UN (if you believe that has happened yet), "Our China" vs. "Their China", the fall of Communism in Soviet Russia (and the recent rise of Authoritarianism in a supposedly democratic Russia) etc). You may even want to look at the creation of the modern Israeli state and the significant US intervention in Palestine (created before the 80's, but tinkering has occurred ever since inception).
How about the replacement of numerous, diverse cultures which had learned to live more or less sustainably, with the single culture of civilization, quickly becoming the culture of industrial civilization? In the big picture, that's probably the most important theme in America's history, as we're all about to be in big trouble as our culture accelerates into a brick wall and we have few living examples of sustainable cultures in the entire world...and probably none in the US! Lots of angles you could take on the subject, from examining why Europeans felt compelled to eradicate the existing cultures, to why there are many examples of Europeans leaving civilized life for the easier life of the natives, to comparisons and contrasts of resource use, etc...

Good luck!
Nothing real complicated, guys. I'm only a freshman in high school.
See, the thing is, I can't pick the same topic as anybody else in my class, and most of the wars are already taken. I was thinking of something more modern. Something to do with technology. Cell phones, internet, stuff like that.
Also, for this paper, I must use 5-6 books for resources and only ONE internet source, so take that into consideration too.
How about the changing attitudes about cars.
In 1900 they were a novelty and no suitable roads.
In 1925 cars became more utilitarian.
In 1950 cars became integral to family life.
In 1975 muscle cars were everyday drivers and antique car values increased.
In 2000 muscle car values increased and antique car values decreased
as that generation dies off.
Today was my last day to pick something and I ended up choosing The Apollo 13 Disaster.
Thanks for your help, though.
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