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Scariest Looking serial killer?

Who is TVs and films scariest serial killer? I think it is Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. He is probly the scariest person you could imagine coming after you. The great soundtrack in the movies though really adds to making you feel scared. Here is a pic:

Say who you think is the scariest and post a pic if possible.[/img]
Definetly the third one.
Allthough I think this one is even more scarier

No one can beat this serial killer. If you see this guy, make sure you don't look in his eyes and run as hell Razz

<James007-edit>Changed img to url</edit>
omg....*shudders* Shocked
What about Leatherface from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

or Pinhead from the Hellraiser series?

Captain Fertile
Michael Myers or Leatherface are the scariest looking. Well, its the sheer machine like tanacity of Michael Myers that freaks me out - he... ...just... ...keeps... ...coming!

No matter how fast you run, his steady plodding walk will keep up with you somehow. Ususally becuae you will trip on a reallt flat piece of ground for no apparent reason and then flail about for a moment while you remember how to get to your feet again.

Leather Face is just a freak, scary in every way without a piece of humanity about him/ His ugly mask is to hide an even uglier face.

This guy sacred the beejeezus out of me when i was younger his name was tooms and he appeared in the xfiles....

Nice extract on him .......................
mattyj wrote:
or Pinhead from the Hellraiser series?

Pinhead is not a serial. He kills plenty people in a single time and with no serial logic reason... hahaha
bigbadjohn wrote:

This guy sacred the beejeezus out of me when i was younger his name was tooms and he appeared in the xfiles....

Tooms was fantastic. I loved that bloke. Definitely one of the most menacing killers on the x files.


But, I think if you met Krueger in an alley, you would be scared more than meeting any other killer. His cruel, burnt, contorted face - menacing.
must be Freddie Krüger, definitely
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