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Cable Technician, or Work harder on website?

I have a question for you all...... Especially bondings and the admins too....
Im sure everyone is in the same boat when I way we all love to code websites and hope to have as many people come to them as possible. And when you accoplish that code you have been working on for so long, and it actually functions properly... you have this feeling like you created something with your bare hands from scratch, and turned it into a functioning script.... and the feeling of accomplishment after doing so....
thats what Ive been feeling with my site recently, especially since Ive been redoing everything on my home server,,, looks the same as my domain, but has new membership, and classifieds script,, finishing up on classifieds now... Its been getting really hard for me to post in the forums, and everyone knows what happens when you dont post enough... "Sorry Bondings",,, but, I love to code in php.. its like an addiction,, my biggest problem is I have a bad memory, so for simple things I should remember, I have to ask,,, no offense, but usually I go to codewalkers for this,,, mostly because ive been with them for a long time,,, Ive been interested in new skripting languages like ajax,,, but for me to learn, it would be better to be in a classroom...
My biggest problem is I was offered a new job yesterday working for cable TV, I have 3 kids in school with different hours, and my wife is in college with really bad hours.... If I were to work for this company, naturally I only start out at 8 dollars an hour for the first 4 weeks,,,, but after training (which I dont need much), hourly wage goes to 24 dollars an hour, and hours are uncertain, I can be working anywhere between 40 to 80 hours a week. We had just moved here and my children are 10, 11 and 13 years old. Im not ready for my oldest to stay home alone, but only if its for a half hour to an hour.... he does have his own house key,,, But on that note we have only lived in this city for 4 months, and we dont really know anyone but our neighbors who arent home much either,,, my neighbors are both brothers, one, Sandy,,,, likes to play his drum set in all hours of the night,,, doesnt bother me a bit,,, kinda like it actually, then the other, I really still dont know,, he has a dog my kids like to play with, and his children are our skateboarding alot on the street....
My point is, I have no one to pick up my kids in the afternoon after school. and Im very picky on who watches my kids,,, it used to be I would let our family, and even that is really out of the question anymore because they live an hour away now... My mother is thinking on moving up this direction, but I hate to pawn my kids off on her,,, my sister does that to her, and I dont want to be anything like my sister,,, thought about even getting my oldest his own cellphone for after school in case of emergencies, like he couldnt get into the house or anything,, but here in ohio, they are thinking on making cellphone not allowed in schools now... I could talk to the school to see if he can keep it in the office until he goes home too,, but anyhow... Im kinda stuck if I should keep working on my website, or if I should try to find a babysitter to watch the kids after school, and go back to cable TV... My wife graduates from college to be a nurse in May... So after that, its no big deal on money,, she'd be making about the same, anywhere around 18 - 30 an hour,,, depeding on where she goes, and we even thought about moving to New Mexico... very southern
Now, What would you do in this situation? currently I make 144 dollars a week, because im on unemployment and want to go back to work bad,,, before I was laid off, I worked for a Stair company making balusters, newel posts, rails, all out of wood,,, at only 8 bucks an hour,,, so, either way, I would make more money in a month after starting with cable TV again... but,,, I know I can make money off my website, and start my own business's later,,, but not sure If I can have the stability of 24 dollars an hour, and benefits...

Thanks, and sorry so long, but this really determines where my life goes,,, I want to go to work for Cable TV again, but Want to do my own thing also... I know my website could do that for me if I could just get it up which seems to be coming along fine. have many ideas, and more people are wanting to help me on it now, volunteers from the local community... who actually have experience,, kills me,,, and they have alot of good ideas too, but I havent given them the go ahead to help... mainly because of this issue...
I think you can't realy turn this job down.
At least you will be getting a steady income from it.

Web sites you can work on any time, day or night.

Supporting your family is prime and then they, in turn, will support you in your website ventures.
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