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This breathing excercise will make you feel a lot better.

Okay, I had some minor physical complaints and then I learned a breathing exercise to clear my mind and relax my body. You should definately try this at home. It works great! Razz

I will describe the excercise in steps:

1. Lay down on the bed or couch when you are all alone. This bed or couch must be in a room where you will not be disturbed for about 10 minutes.
2. Relax your body, your legs, your arms, every muscle in your body. Hold your arms parallel to your body.
3. Breath in through your nose and make sure that your chest won't go up, but only your belly may go up. Sort of try to suck the air to the most lower part of your belly. Slowly count from one to three until you can't breath anymore and hold your breath for 3 counts. Important: keep your mind only on the counting, don't think of anything else. Note: People with a lung decease shouldn't hold there breath, but breath out immediately or the exercise will be very uncomfortable for them. Nevertheless they also can use this exercise to relax.
4. Breath out. While you breath out, make sure you think only of the air exiting your body. Don't think of anything else.

Repeat the breathing for 10 minutes. Clear your mind completely, don't think of anything else for about 10 minutes. You will succeed with a little practise. Important: relax while breathing.

Once the time is up, rise slowly because your blood will be full with oxygen and you might get dizzy. You should try and do this exercise two to three times a day. You will learn to relax your mind and body, and this will stop negative thinking and pondering which might cause various physical problems. Let me know if it helped you. Very Happy
Definitely a great meditation tip. And hey, maybe it'll work the abs a little bit too!!
Captain Fertile
At the moment I am looking into ways of relaxing more - or more importantly removing the clutter from my life and mind. Even if it is just for 10 minutes.

The Most difficult thing about this exercise if findin 10 minutes where I can relax in the knowledge I will nto be disturbed. I know this sounds silly but the only time I ever had to relax was when I used to be a blood donor.

Laying back on the bed knowing that I dind't have to think about anything for 10 minutes was bliss.
Yeah, I know finding time for this exercise is difficult. I'm glad if it works out for you Captain Fertile.
I used to do this in college before exams, it really helped... I had forgotten.

Thanks for reminding me Sadow.

But ~ Don't forget to exhale ~

I can't remember what movie this quote is from...
"Inhale, the healing starts when you begin to feel light headed..."
newbie_pagemaker wrote:

But ~ Don't forget to exhale ~

I can't remember what movie this quote is from...
"Inhale, the healing starts when you begin to feel light headed..."

Laughing yeah exhaling is important.
Yes, if you feel light headed, it means the oxygen level in your blood has risen.
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