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What Would You Do?

say that you had a chance to make a cd. But some of your peers are saying that it is a waste of time to do so and that they wouldn't buy it. Would you still put the cd out anyway?

I sing karaoke on Saturday nights and was approached by a fellow co-worker of mine and he asked me to produce a cd under his lable. I loved the idea and want to go for it. But as of now I am a little nervouse about putting money into something that might not go... what would you do?

I know my family would buy it and a few others... but is that enough for me to put one out?
If you really want to do something it's best to ignore all comments from other people - especially where music is concerned I find.
Pyro Man
Id say follow your heart, but take it easy at first, maybe send some teasers to people first?
My experience is that your close friends will ignore the good ability of your singing/music because your are simply not popular, but I bet that if you don't tell your friends, produce a CD and tell them, "hey take a look a this CD (your CD) is it good?" I bet that since you didn't tell them is yours right away they will pay attention.

When I was making music, I went to my friends to ask if the music was alright, but they didn't really care. Why? I am just a nobody making music. But I know that my music is really good, because when you compare to the other CDs out there, mine is probably better.

PS: It could be that your friends envy you, I don't know...
Captain Fertile
I agree with what has been said above.

One other thing to consider, if you don't do it you might always be wondering, "What if..."

At least if nothing comes of it you will have had your own CD released, not everyone gets that chance. I find that I rarely regret things I have done, just things I haven't done.

Let us know what you decide.

Good luck.
Wow, I think that's an excellent opportunity, and if it were me, I'd probably take it. But then, I've always wanted to be a singer (my parents wouldn't let me go into music, sadly, and I could never really afford lessons), and I did really well in the two competitions I've entered. People are usually shocked when I do karaoke, because I almost never talk, and they don't expect me to have such a powerful operatic voice! Luckily for me, though, a lot of karaoke places have songs from musicals and things that actually suit my voice...
Will it depends on how many cds and how much. I mean to start off I'd get a myspace music page, get a few followers, then make the cd, and send a few copys to local radio stations, etc. and try advertising a little. If your cd really is good then people will buy it. I mean at first I think at would sell them at cost or maybe a little more but don't expect to get the amount you would pay for a big popular band.
But you should consider the money that is to be put into it. Are we talking about large sums? Also be aware that you're not getting scammed - of course I don't know how well you know this co-worker.
Take every opportunity you can. You'll only regret not doing these things later on in life.
Yeah, just go for it. As people above me have said, listening to your friends isn't always the best thing. Just go for it and have fun. Hell, even if it does flop you'll always have the memories of actually making one and trying.
If you love performing and you believe in yourself, go for it and chase your dream - never mind about friends opinions, the world is full of people who love all kinds of music/performance etc.
I would consider how much your friend is going to charge for studio time & cutting a master CD etc, if its in your budget what are you afraid of?
Once the CD is burned you can do the duplicates yourself, or is part of his deal that he/she supplies all subsequent copies?
Whatever, if you don't chase this idea, you'll always ask "what if?", if you do chase it and it failed, what have you lost?
Good luck either way - wish i could sing!
I would be careful. How much money we talking? Will you be singing original stuff or covers? If he is a label, what other stuff has he done and how successful were they? Just ask lots and lots of questions. Will you be getting royalties on the CDs?

Also, dont give any money up front. Pay on receiving of goods Smile
I myself have never come across something like this, but if its something you truely want to do, or have wanted to do for a long time, then do it. If you have any doubts though, I wouldn't go for it. Small doubts can change everything, especially if you dont want to do it anymore after you already start.
Yeah, I agree with what most people said. You should just go ahead and do it. If it's something you want to do, and you can do it, then do it. If you don't do it now, you'd miss out on a great opportunity, and later regret that you didn't do it. So yeah, go for it. You won't be sorry. Very Happy
There's nothing wrong in making mistakes.. If you really like what you do... you will succeed.. They say...a successful man comes from a thousand of failures....Smile
I liked the last remark about a thousand of failures....

It's not about 1000 men trying once but also 1 man who tries a thousand times.

Your chance of success is 1000:1 do you still want it?
What do you get when you fail:Knowledge.
Next time you do it you have a 999:1 chance of success.

Good luck
Captain Fertile
vinx_18 wrote:
There's nothing wrong in making mistakes.. If you really like what you do... you will succeed.. They say...a successful man comes from a thousand of failures....Smile

EXCELLENT! I have had exacty 999 faliures so my next venture will make me a millionaire!

Well maybe not but there have been some good positive posts here. Passiing on some positve outlooks that we would be wide to hold onto.

Have you made a final decision yet?
Nothing is a bad decision until after you have made it.
unfortunatly friends can be as big of a hinderance as help. These are the people that are supposed to support you in your endeavors, yet they are not going to be as passionate about the project as you. all i can say for any artist is keep the dream alive and
rock on!
good luck
hey guys thanks for all your help and advice. I have decided to put out the cd and will hopefully have it released for this summer. The working title of it is going to be "Frusterated Incorperated" and will have a variety of songs including ones that I have written and ones that I have done covers to, such as Video Killed The Radio Star by the Buggles, Pop Goes the World by Men without Hats, and Misery By Soul Asylum, Just to name a few. And since there isn't enough space on a cover to list everyone that I want to thank and that helped me out... in the Special thanks section it will inlude "all the fold from Frihost".


Thanks Very Happy
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