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If you play an instrument....

What instrument do you play, and what styles do you love playing most on it?

F'rinstance, I play guitar, and I like to play blues and garage rock. I like playing some metal, but I don't like listening to it
I play flute and a little bit of piano (self-taught, so I'm not the greatest pianist ever). I mostly play classical stuff and showtunes (I adore musicals), though I did find sheet music for piano for some anime songs that I like, so I started learning a few of those. I sing more than I play either of those instruments, though.
I suppose I play a little piano, but I'm self taught also, and even then, not very well. I mostly play it when I want to play a song from an anime, like you, or come up with an accompaniment for my keyboardist.
Piano - strangely enough video game music I play a lot. I've managed to learn a lot of themes from Sonic the Hedgehog (original games) thanks to Gori Fater for actually writing up the music from it.
Guitar,bass guitar,and very little keyboard.
guitar for like 3 years, bass on and off I just play my friends if he comes over.
keyboard I just mess around with it and play a few simple things.
Srs2388 wrote:
Guitar,bass guitar,and very little keyboard.
guitar for like 3 years, bass on and off I just play my friends if he comes over.
keyboard I just mess around with it and play a few simple things.

Yeah, if you're good at guitar, you're good at bass too. You just need finger strength and the "skill" (quotes to indicate sarcasm) to read tab.
I play the piano, and I like to play the popular songs and or the popular classical songs. I don't like something that people are going to be like WTF is she playing? I like to entertain and so I learn songs that play on the radio. Oh yeah... and I can play the flute and the guitar, those are awesome too, but I'm just learning to I don't know what type of songs I like to play so far, probably the slow songs with really deep lyrics.
I also play clarinet, but It's not one of my favorite instruments, so I don't really play anything on it by choice. I'm in an orchestra, so I just practice the music I get.
i play guitar and i like play rock songs.
my main instrument is the Trombone. Im a music ed major so i will eventualy know every last one, but currently i know the t-bone, trumpet, baritone, tuba, violin, viola, piano, and voice (i add that because I have sang in carnegie hall)
is turntables an instrument, or fruity loops making beats, or what about rocking the mic
Bass & Guitar.

Mainly Thrash, Speed, Death, Black + Heavy Metal, Traditional Rock & Hard Rock
Guitar, mainly... although I sometimes enjoy playing a bass...

I still haven't got a defined style, I like to play almost everything Twisted Evil
I play pretty much all kinds of guitar (although if you can play one kind you can pretty much play them all Wink ). I have a 6 & 12 string acoustic, 6 string electric, and a bass at my house now. I also play (or have played at one time) Trombone, Baritone, French Horn, Euphonium, and Trumpet for brass instruments. I will sometimes play electric keyboard as well, mainly for percussion or synth sounds.
Guitar, piano and drums. I'm not very good at any of them though.
I play guitar.
Id like to learn the electric organ....
I play mostly guitar, and write songs and sing, however I have played Bass for other bands, and Piano, and Trombone as well as organ, synth and drums. My band is currently looking for someone to play Bass for us. We are in Tucson Arizona, if you want contact me. Thanks!
i mainly play drums but i also play a bit of the guitar - gettin quite good if ya ask me. Very Happy

i play piano as well but i don't really play as much as i used to - gettin bored of it i suppose which is a real shame. Sad

i like playin more indie rock on the guitar but kinda more heavier stuff (like metallica) on the drums. i also love to play jazz on the kit too!!!

the piano i just stick to classical and a bit of jazzamatazz!!! Laughing
*Raises his hand*

Obligatory guitarist.
I play trumpet, and I dabble with guitar, though I'm not very good at all. On trumpet, I like playing all the march-type music and anything for concert band. I also love pep band stuff. Just being given an opportunity to play as loud as I can without being yelled at is awesome. As an estimate (I don't have an exact reading), I'd say I can play at roughly 90 dB, perhaps more. Trumpet is the greatest instrument for destroying hearing without and amp.
i play violin in my local youth orchestra, but id like 2 learn piano. perhaps not from a teacher tho, id rather teach myself Confused i no alota ppl whove taught themselves, and seeing as i can play a lil i dont spose ill hav much trouble. i sang at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in a choir, but i just sing by myself now. i like every single genre of music there is really. i like playin just bout everythin on violin as well as singing
Guitar, and I dabble on all sorts of key based instruments, (keyboards, electric organ, synths).
Captain Fertile
I enjoy playing:


That is not to say others enjoy hearing me. Crying or Very sad
Piano, Guitar, and drums. Mostly rock and stuff.
{name here}
If a tracker counts, I use one.
i play guitar most of the time. i'm currently hogging over the piano with some death cab songs.
Fright Knight
I play guitars, bass, drums (when i was still young), harmonica (not that excellent though but good enough to make me fall asleep). I also play keyboards and hopefully I wish to learn how to play violin.

I used to be a bassist in a band but i quit. I just don't like their attitude that they feel that they are good but the truth is they're not. They don't practice. Well One of the factors that triggered my departure was that i love to play Metal songs.
I play guitar. I have a Gibson Faded SG Special and play rock music.

Piano - mostly classical, particularly Debussy, Liszt and Chopin. I also like quite a lot of jazz, although mostly just Gershwin, although I'd love to be able to improvise jazz one day.

Saxophone - I mostly play classical on this too, when I'm playing solo. I play in several ensembles too in which we play all sorts of popular music from 'cool funk' to 'jazz rock' and other such sub-genres.

French horn - I play all classical.

Violin - all classical again.
I can play the Clarinet, and the recorder.
Haven't practised for a few months though >_<
Jakob [JaWGames]
I have played trumpet in about seven years and keyboard/piano in a little bit more than a half year. On the trumpet I mostly plays classic music and similiar songs because we plays that in our orchester.
On the piano I am playing songs I have heard and wanted to play, often music from games and movies.
I play:


I'm mostly playing rock and emo with a little metal on my guitar and save the others for just messing around.

I play secondary guitar and sing for a kind of runkish band but mostly rock.

Rock on!
Cedar Speeder
I play mostly bass and sing for my band cedar speeder. I play acoustic guitar and play a little keyboard.
i play guitar. not so good though. i wanna be the next jimi
I play electric guitar in the form of an Olympic White Strat (see avatar actually). Mostly bluesy/jazz sort of stuff.
I'm a bass player of 27 years. I currently play an Ibanez SR506 6-string bass, (black), through an SWR750X head and 2 Yorkville 4x10 cabs. I play in a technical deathmetal band that definately keeps my chops up.

Heart Ticket
trarial wrote:
What instrument do you play, and what styles do you love playing most on it?

F'rinstance, I play guitar, and I like to play blues and garage rock. I like playing some metal, but I don't like listening to it

I want to learn the drums because Joey Jordison is my hero (fastest metal drummer! and he looks so cool with his japanese kabaki mask in slipknot) so well... yea thats all really.

Drums. Been having lessons for 9 years. I love playing rock and metal (my band:

I use Yamaha Drums (Stage Custom Advantage 7 Pce)
Paiste Alpha Series Cymbals
Aquarian Heads
Pro Mark Japanese Oak sticks
and Yamaha Flying Dragon DFP-9410 double bass pedals.

Any other drummers out there????
I play the clarinet and the flute. While playing the clarinet, I prefer soundtracks and "lyrical" classical music. While playing the flute, Irish and Norwegian traditional folk music are my favourites Very Happy
I play flute and piano. Mostly I like classical or instrumental stuff, but we play all kinds of music in band at school.
Well I have had an Ibanez RG series guitar for the last 10 years, but I am now upgrading to a Gibson Les Paul Studio. These guitars are sooo good!

I like to play mainly classic rock and metal, but there are plenty of other styles that I also like across the spectrum.
I played cello for many years while going to school. I can also play guitar and recently, I've been making attempts to learn how to play clarinet, but that hasn't been going so well, as I'm trying to teach myself how to play without any lessons.
I play the Viola, you know, that really cool string instrument Razz
I play the Clarinet, have lessons at college, but I don't get much time to practise. I'm a Grade 5 though! I like playing Jazz and Christian music.
I like to play the guitar. I'm still a rookie, but I've got a very good teacher and I play with some friends weekly. Although they play better than me, we have lots of fun playing some rock songs.
I think playing in a little band is a very good practice because it's much fun.
I have an e-guitar, but it's very cheap and I play better on the acoustic guitar. So the drummer has to play a bit more silently, but it works Very Happy
I play in two different bands. In one of them I play piano/keyboards or bass and in the other just bass and I sing there as well. I spent 10years in a musical academy. We play all kinds of music, from jazzy-tunes, through blues and balads to rock and pop.
My most recent accomplishment is that I managed to learn to play 'Tell Me Baby' by the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. The Flea (bassplayer) just slaps as a madman on his bass Laughing
giovle wrote:

My most recent accomplishment is that I managed to learn to play 'Tell Me Baby' by the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. The Flea (bassplayer) just slaps as a madman on his bass Laughing

That's pretty cool. Red Hot Chili Peppers have really complex bass tracks Very Happy
It will take some time until I can play some songs by them with the guitar...
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