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Lineage II is MMORPG game of the last generation. In the game simultaneously a few thousand characters can participate of controlled by people. Medieval, fairy-tale world filled with wonders and dangers, by monsters and heroes will be opened for you. On motion of game Your character takes experience, and to him become new abilities, weapon, invocations, are accessible. In your will to be a magician or warrior, to conduct time in fights with monsters or to be dipped in the world of policy of clans. In Lineage II you will be able to fight in battles with dragons, when only the arranged actions of command from a few ten persons can guarantee success, will be able to besiege locks, or appear in rows defenders of walls, to lead the own nestling of dragon and rear him to the enormous flying monster, on the back of which will be able to fly on a world.
Seems like copy-paste of text from the backpart of Lineage 2's box, to be honest. Also, makes me wonder by what "last generation" means here, especially if date of L2's launch is taken into opinion.
Well, the next chronicle is coming on - C6.

I'm playing on private servers, because retail sucks - the game itself isn't as good to pay for it, especially when you live in Poland ;(. Which is very poor country if you look at this closer.

Well... the private servers are still C4, some are C5, but these are still L2j (shitty emulator where most of locations are not working, or bugged - it's shitty even for LAN - think about when there are 100+ people playing!).

I like playing with my friends on LAN where someone creates L2j server on its computer - you can search for some tutorials it's very difficult, but can be done.
well i play lineage2 too and i think there is not better MMORPG than that,anyway you said some C5 chrocincle if you look at this site you will see there is some C4 not C5,
This game rule...if you want to play it visit or use L2J what is only legal emulator.
I play on the best Ukrainian server, if want can give reference, he is free of charge. Sorry to my English
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