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A new DVD Burner

Hi all, I'm just looking for some advice on buying a new DVD Burner.
I have 2 at the moment (Optorite DD1205, Toshiba SD-M1212 but when I burn DVD's they stutter all the time. They write VCD's perfectly but not DVD's. Is this just down to the media (I have used various types including Sony, TDK, dDatawrite etc). Using Nero and Alcohol to write.
I was looking at a Pioneer DVR-111 either the DVS or DV.

Anyone used/have one of these? And how are they?
I would recommend either the Benq DW1650 or the DW1640 or the DW1620 in that order.

The reason is that laser on Benq for these burners are extremely superb. They can write on the crappiest and cheapest materials and nearly every DVD drive will be able to read them. These burners are amazing.

Essentiall, they are te best because they support DVD-ROM booktype setting for DVD+R/RW, can remove the riplock and read ALL discs at 16x, including Dual Layer and +/-R/RW, and they support disc quality checking with Nero DVD Speed.
I vaguely remember from when I was shopping for a drive that a lot of manufacturer use the same chipsets for the drives (ie the drives are essentially identical except for the manufacturer). So when you're comparing two drives make sure they aren't internally the same (otherwise just buy the cheapest one).
ive always bought a samsung (or in the vague case that it was cheaper, a plextor) and never had any problems with any media or stuttering problems....

but i dont burn more than 10-15 dvds a month in any case so if ur a heavy user, maybe the pioneer
it may be your computer with the problem, not the drives themselves. you might want to have a tech savy friend take a look at it. i mean if both drives mess up, it's probably not the drive. i have two no name brands burners and they have no problem. i dunno, i mean it could be the drives....what are you system specs?
Ststem Specs:-

4000+ AMD Athlon 64
1GB Crucial RAM
ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard
2x DVD/RW (Optorite DD1205, Toshiba SD-M1212)
2x ATA Drives (80GB Seagate, 120GB WD)

Like I was saying in earlier post. Burns VCDs perfect.. DVDs jumpy on whatever media I write them to..(TDK, Sony and Datawrite Titanium)
I Have a LITE-ON AllWrite LH16A1P. Cheap, powerful and wonderful. Things have burned fine so far.
Wish I had a PLEXTOR though, specially love the slot-loading ones.
o wow, I never knew there was actually a difference in dvd burners...I guess you learn something everyday...I just thought a dvd burner was a dvd burner...
Teezgaff wrote:
Like I was saying in earlier post. Burns VCDs perfect.. DVDs jumpy on whatever media I write them to..(TDK, Sony and Datawrite Titanium)

Burning VCD's and DVD's are not the same thing though. DVD writers have a dual lens laser because the focal length is different for cd's than dvd's. You can easily have a drive that will burn one type of media properly but not the other (In fact my first dvd writer died in exactly this fashion)

Though if both drives are doing it, then the problem is likely in your pc and not the drives themselves. Are you doing other things with the pc during a burn? This is a pretty good way to cause buffer under runs. When the pc is burning a dvd, leave it alone and don't haveother apps etc open to see if that solves anything.

Also, are you copying from one optical disk to another? That is another good way to burn coasters.
Also, are you using 80 conductor IDE cables? If not then you should be. 80 Conductor cables can transfer data much faster than standard 40 conductor cables because the ground wires eliminate crosstalk across the data channels in the cable, therefore increasing the rate at which data can be pushed through the cable without corrupting the data.

Also..what do you mean by stuttering? Do you have another pc that you can try the dvd writers in? Have you looked for firmware updates for the drives? (they usually add better media compatibility)

Personally I use Verbatum dvd's because they have a good price and I have never gotten a coaster with one, and they come highly recommended on a lot of media web sites
Yep have 80 cables (circular).
Drives are connected 1 HD- 1 Burner on each IDE channel.
I have tried from Burner-Burner and HD-Burner.
I have converted AVI-DVD MPEG-DVD and any other combinations I could find.(Mostly using Nero).

Have used CloneDVD and the other Slysoft products also X-DVD (Copies original DVDs to backup).

All other programs are usually off including Virus scanner+Firewall.
Both Burners have buffer underrun.

I have no trouble with Data DVDs just the movies.....
I thought it may have been my DVD player cos sometimes the DVD would work on the pc but not my player. Used a few friends machines and they had the same bouncing effect on their players.. (Movie would play then skip a few seconds start again miss a few seconds then eventually freeze.

A bit long winded but that is the process I have had so far...
Thanks all for your replies....
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