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Dragonquest VIII, the journey of the cursed king ps2 game

ummm..i don't know how to start, bu i just try >.>
Dragonquest VIII is a game about aking and his duagther who were cursed by dhoulmagus who stole the godbird sceptre in wich rapthorns soul was sealed away. all of the people in th catle are cursed except one person, you. so you (the hero) set off a journey with the king to find dhoulmagus who cursed whole castle trodain (where the king lives Razz). to find dhoulmagus you need to do lots of little favors, and you need to travel alot. when u find dhoulmagus, you need to battle him, after u defeated him, one of your friends take the sceptre. now he is overpowered by rapthorne, u will need to fight the tam member too, but u need to be save cuz u don't may kill her (yes its a girl) after all your travels and little favours you once willl find rapthorne, maybe you get the bes sword in the whole game ^^ it's quite an easy game but its fun and u qill have lot of fun playing it ^^ and now some tips
items to keep:
slime crown -you can ge it in the cave at the hilltop hut close o th desert-
orichalum - u can gt it in rapthornes castle
rusty old sword - you will get it on your journeys -
after you have got al these item your alchemy pot will be sronger so you can mix 3 items, like you expected, mix these you will get an ultimate sword, now fight rapthorne.
after some littlr sences u need to save, then u need o load it and do some dumb things, after hat u will be asgarnia, head to an inn and sleep, after hat fly with your godbird soulstone to the nw hill of the town, u will see sort of a building in air, land there. u will find yourself on dragovian buildng, toutch the statue and u will be transported to an other place, u will need to get trough the cave, here is the route:
continue along the path and at the intersection, take the left
path to eventually lead you to a treasure chest. To advance, take the right
path. At the next intersection, go left for another treasure chest. Then go
right/north to continue. At the next intersection, go right for another chest
then go left. After a long way, you will be a poison swamp area, with another
treasure chest but this time, it's a 'Pandora Box'. After the battle, continue
your way. At the intersection, go left for another treasure chest. Then at the
next intersection, go right. Eventually, you will be transport into another
location. Along the path, you will see a grave. It's for a person named Eltrio.
Remember this name, hehe. Eltrio is Prince Chagos' uncle by the way. At the
next intersection, go left.
after that u will find a door open i but u cant munchie or topp your pet will opn it. then just do this:
Explore around and then head to the house
with a guard in front. Talk with the guard and then enter the house. We've got
Chiefs here having a meeting, hehe. Anyway, looks like this race has Dragon
and Human form people orignally, but Dragon God King try to performe a ceremony
to seal the Human form ones at the Heavenly Altar. But it failed, because the
ability to keeping in Dragon form needs lots of energy, so eventually, Dragon
God King sucks out all energies, hence why you see this place is so vacant and
outdated. Then talk with the chiefs. Looks like these oldmen/women here sort
of recognize the fact of yours. Could it be your dad? ^_^

Gluno(or chen mui) will ask you if you want to go beat Dragon God King. Accept it by saying
yes. Now head out and go to Gluno's(or chen mui's) house. It's the one under the bridge. As
you enter, the person within will spoke out a name, Winia. Looks like another
one that previously in this village... Remember that name as well. At night,
go down stairs and talk with Gluno and others. One will tell you this Winia is
actually Gluno's daughter. With lots of curiosity, so she went to the human
world. By the time Gluno got her back, she's already in love with this human.
His name is Eltrio, the Prince of Southern Beak. King Clavius' brother and
Prince Chagos' uncle. Could these two, Winia and Eltrio related to you? ^_^

Now go back to the room and sleep. Next day, head back to the room with the
chiefs previously. Head down stairs and talk with the guard. At this point,
we are going to the Heavenly Altar to fight the Dragon God King. The item shop
and church here are now available, make sure you at least save your game. As
soon as you enter, a scene with muchie(or tooop) will take place. Which is weird because
that means when Toop(or muchie) first opens the door, it disappear then Gluno(or chen mui) show up.
Now after you enter this door to Heavenly Altar, with Gluno (or chen mui) behind, Toop(munchie) then
quickly show up? Something is odd, could Toop(or muchie) and Gluno(or chen mui) be the same person?

<Heavenly Altar>

This area looks really big and the items here are just about the best in the
game. The enemies here are tough but try to conserve your energy for the Dragon
God King. The paths eventually lead you the same way, this is not really much
of a dungeon yet. Grave of Winia is also in this area. If you just want to
speed things up, take the middle path from where you started. There are a total
of 2 treasure chests in this area.

<VS Dragon God King>

Once you made it to the next area, 3 paths again: Left, middle and right. The
left one leads you to a Tiny Medal. Right path is a dead end, so once you are
done with the left way, take the middle path. Two more paths, one to right and
one to left. Take the left for a treasure chest then the right one. Collect the
reasure chest by the bone, then continue along the path to get to a gate. This
is it, heal your guys and open the gate for a fight. Go up and a scene will
take place.

*Before this fight, you must know doing this fight will eventually make the
game to replace the normal ending with the good ending. If you want the normal
ending, make sure you don't fight this battle or keep a separate saved file.

This is not a hard fight at all since you are just here to wake this guy up to
realize what he's doing. He's not using his full power in this battle. He lacks
different attacks. It's either roars to make your characters can't move or a
full party attack that does only around 150 damage. If he bites, it could get
ugly because it could do around 400 damage. Use Skurt to the fullest to raise
your defense. If you got Dragon Killer or Dragon Slayer, combines that with the
skill 'Dragon Slash', that does quite some damage on Dragon God King. And if
want to further strengthen that, Tension. After the battle, Dragon God King
will turn back to human form. Turns out, Dragon God King knows who are you. The
truth now reveals: You are a mix between human and Dragon from this race. He
stops and calls out Gluno(or chen mui) who is actually your grandfather. And guess what,
your pet Toop(or munchie), he's actually Gluno(or chen mui) in disguise. Now everyone will be back to
the village. Also, you now can take the Dragon's Trial and challenge Dragon
God King. That's much much tougher than the fight you just finished. After the
battle, Gluno will take out the Argon Ring from a treasure chest. You were
born in this place, your father is indeed Eltrio and your mother is Winia. This
all goes back to 20 years ago. Winia met with Eltrio in the human world and
fell in love. But Gluno(or chen mui) won't allow that and separated them. Eltrio tries to
make his way to this village, on just before he got here, he died. Winia was
sad but she was already pregnant. She decides to give birth to you and after
she gave birth to you, because her body is weak, she died as well. So that is
just you alone. The chiefs decide to seal your memories in this place and send
you back to the human world. Gluno(or chen mui)) heavily against it but he couldn't do much. With the Dragon God King's permission, Gluno(or chen mui) is allowed to travel with you and
protect you in the form of a mouse. At the end, you will obtain the Argon Ring
and this is the item that proves who you are.
now go to the lord of dragovians again, and udnertake the trial, kill him in his human and dragon form, it can be quite tough, after that choose the dragon god sword.
remember the ultimate sowrd you made, now mix it with the dragon god sword in the alch pot, u will get ther strongest sword, fight him again and choose the armour, then the shield, the the helm, after this choose either the team monster or alchemy pot, i suggest the team monster first, whta is the fun of alching >.>

well that was it, leave som comments
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