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Advice for promoting a motivational speaker

I have had recent discussion with a public speaker. I have agreed to promote him and plan to focus on school assemblies, for student and staff, and corporate events; as these are his specialties.

I would be interested in any advice on how to best present this individual and his services on a website as well as any advice on whom (as in titles), within schools and corporations, to contact in order to book him some events.

Thanks in advance
I think you have to keep three things in mind:

* Always look towards your audience as an opportunity for personal advance.
* Always consider the consequences of not attending such an event. What choices are your cohorts making that you might have to deal with?
* What is the net value of your time? Is this going to be make you more valuable - what skills are you refining?
I think the best way to present this person is to ask him who he is? That is after all what people want to know. It is simply about trust. They will want to know some background. Who this person is and what he has that can be valuable to people. Advice from a promotional speaker could be a simple line, kind of a slogan that would make people think or sum up his message.

Two promotional speakers I have know has been a person that was in a wheel chair after having an accident while training. He was a stunt man skier for movies like James Bond. I don’t remember his name but I do remember who he was and what he stood for. His message was clear, don’t ever give up.

The other one was a women who had written a book. The book was an excellent reverence that could be presented on a web site so that people could get to know something of the person before making the decision. Is this what we need? She was terribly disorganized at one time and changed by writing a book called organizing yourself from the inside out.

Both people left an impression and their message which is what a web page is really about would reflect that. Getting in touch with people within organizations is crucial to promotion so I think the best thing to do is to offer something. Try to be un-sales like as possible. Offer a solution such as a information article on how to solve your blank blank problem or simply asking people about their needs is a definite door opener. Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for sharing your posts! I feel Inspiration is one such thing that fades away if not renewed, Preparation plays a vital role to become an expert and build your confidence.Anyway thanks for sharing your posts guys!
A Motivational or Resource Speaker is a great job for those that communicate ideas well. Colorado motivational speakers assist people to attain and achieve monetary wealth, great benefits in business.

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I have a business of providing IT and networking solutions and we want hire some keynote speaker those help us in our conference. He should be talented enough to motivate the audience to the ongoing topic.

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Send out emails to a constant contact mailing list that has people who are interested in his specific field of work.
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