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What's your "Axe"?

I just started playing guitar and I was curious what guitar is every one playing ie. Brand, Model, Color

What strings do you prefer? I like the D'Addario Exp's

I am a proud owner of a Mitchell MD100S solid top acoustic with a natural finish
I have a replica '64 Montgomery Airline (the same model that Jack White uses- but not original of course) and an older Squier Strat, my first guitar. I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10 gauge strings on both of them, and .96mm Dunlop Gator Picks.
I have a J&D brothers Les Paul copy and a cataluna acoustic)
Im currently in the process of paying for a custom flying V (the origonal neck was snapped, so it now has the neck off a probe strat copy, a custom pickguard/scratchplate, one gibson epiphone humbucker and one jackson humbucker as well as new pots and knobs off a fender bass amp.

I used to have a probe les paul copy (which i sold to get the J&D) and a japanese fender stratocaster (50s reissue - sold it to my brother because I need money for a laney quad)

The J&D currently has cheap DARCO 10-52s, while my acoustic has martin phosphor bronze (I think...) The others I didnt own long enough for them to need re-stringing.
The Mitchell
an ibanex ergodyne edb 600 bass, a custom built tele body and squier strat neck with custom electronics and a custom fender squier strat with custom pickups, and custom electronics including tone and volume for each pickup, phase invertors on each pickup and a custom built optical volume swell. mmmmmmmmmmm

i zalso have access to a cort action bass a vintage fretless, a les paul copy, 2 epiphone les pauls, 2 fender telecasters and a gretsch duo jet at almost any point in time. ah the joys of housemates.
I don't have anything good. I have a yamaha 12 string accoustic, and an Ibanez RG 120 metallic blue..

But, my bro has a 79' ( i think that's what it is ) Gibson Explorer. It sounds really nice. I really like how it looks to.
I recently bought an Epiphone SG.

Not the best pics...
I am going to buy a jackson ke-2 kelly pretty soon. It will be awsome.
I have a Brunswick BTK50 acoustic which i bought for an absolute bargain price or £99. Will never find a guitar to match it in value, sounds great and lets face it was an absolute steal!

Also have a Hondo H76 (strat copy) which despite being bought on eBay for £35 and being manufactured from a company I had never heard of actually plays pretty well. Better than a fender squier strat at any rate.

I use Ernie Ball Regular slinkys on my electric and whatever takes my fancy on the actoustic (don't get it restung all that often so can never remember what strings to put on it!).

Bass wise I have a Yamaha RBX270J which is my indestructable if a little lacking in the sound department workhorse of a bass. Obviously I use rotosound swing 66s although the stupid thing needs short scale strings!

Better than that, I have a J&D actve fretless 4 string with a through body neck and natural finish. Its a JD2400/F if i remember correctly. Buy J&D now before they're too well known and prices start to go up as people realise how great their stuff is! Cannot fault the fretless, its lush.
SimonWSTS wrote:
Buy J&D now before they're too well known and prices start to go up as people realise how great their stuff is! Cannot fault the fretless, its lush.
I completely agree with this statement, I often get comments about how well my J&D looks, sounds and plays.
I have a Black IC400 Ibanez Iceman, 22 frets and D'addario strings.
I also have an AX1778 (sumthing like that) 7-string Ibanez guitar with 22 frets D'addario strings.
I plan on picking up a new guitar soon, I just have so much other stuff to get done and paid. I want to get a Jackson Dinky. IDK why, I just like that guitar.

Also, I perfer whatever strings I can get. LOL!
I have a newish Ibanez S520 and I love it.
I play an ESP LTD F-400 FM. It has a see-through black finish (so you can see the wood-grain through the paint), and a bunch of tribal designs on the neck. Also, it has EMG pick-ups, so it sounds amazing.

I don't have a picture of just the guitar, but here's a picture from a year ago, where I'm holding it:

As for strings, I always go with the Dean Markley High Gain Series. They're cheap, but also good for the price.
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