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i am looking for my eye glasses

I remember that some days ago when my eye sight had gotten a bit weak, I was exposed to a strange phenomenon. I used to feel that there are a lot of empty circles hanging in air around me. Materially they seemed to be nearly non-existential just like some less dense fumes or like the circle of light around the full moon. Some of them were in form of chains.

The strange thing about them was when I used to focus on one of them, that specific circle used to either disappear or start running towards the sky. But when I didn?t try to focus on any of them all of them seemed to be at their positions.

Now, as I recall these, I think there is a strong link between these circles and our life. Sometimes one is a victim of the same weakness in life. Several characters in our life are just like these non-existential circles. We feel them around us, we feel confidant that they are ours until we try to get to them. When we try to get to approach them we come to know that we were relying on something which is actually nothing.

I think this portion of life is quite cruel to one, when he realizes all he had in his life was nothing. Life seems to be a chessboard, most squares of which are empty. The chessmen, lying outside the board, look more worthy but all have the same silent words---?How could you think that losing us will make you win the game!?

But the question here is, "Is that always one?s fate to run after the fake water in the desert of life? When one?s eye sight gets weak, a pair of glasses can be used to avoid those fake circles. Is there any such pair of glasses for life also? Using which, we can get rid of those fake characters of our life and can rely only on those people who really are there for us.
So I am searching for those glasses --- glasses for my life, so that I'll be able to win the chess of life. Do you have one?

[guys..don curse for the long long post..sometimes its good to shout out..kinda a releif for heart:)]
Captain Fertile
That was actually a fair post but very difficult to read because you hadn't really broekn it down into paragraphs.

Just a suggestion, but space your paragraphs a little more to make this post easier to read.

Its quite a difficult one to read even without the tight blocks ot text. This will encourage more people to read all of it and not skip it.

Hope my suggestion helps.

P.S. You just have to keep trying on different glasses until you find the right pair. No guarantee any of them will work but you can't give up on the human race like that.

I think that answer is in context with the question but not too sure because of difficulty reading it as mentuioned above. Smile
That is some wierd stuff, I don't ever recall seeing circles, but I think I had a dream about the Chessboard of life! Shocked Laughing

I guess that wasn't funny then. Rolling Eyes

O well, I hope you find your eye glasses.
thx captain..i got your advice..n well it seems effective even you were not able to read all of that..
and well i was expecting that this post is not gonna get many readers ..but as i said.. a frustrated heart needs to shout sometimes:)
thx anywayz!
This seems very sad too me. Maybe its because of my mood. There is no reason why to find glasse which would make our view better. Or even to see our life clearer. Seeing life and knowing how everything works would destroy whole mankind and system. It would be like reading thoughts. Seeing in others minds.

I think its better that everyone is blind in some things or sees world from another angle. Because we could exist only together. I like my way how to see world. Sometimes i think if only i could know something more, but the life would lose meaning
Captain Fertile
By the way I know exactly what you mean by those circles.

You see them floating around just out of your comforable range of vision like bubbles on the surgace of water but when you move your eye to look directly at them they seem to shoot off in various directions.

It's kind of like when you turn off a TV in a dark room, for a few seconds if you aren't looking drectly at the screen you can see a dull residue of a glow from the screen but when you look driectly at the screen - no glow. If you then retrn your eyes to where they were and relax them the glow is back on the screen.

No iea what that is all about but it is an observation I have made.

Darwin had his theories on evolution, I discover the strange glow on the TV screen. Cool
you got it exactly what i was talking about...and those circles are more often in the sight of someone with tired eyes!! or the one whose wight is weekening!
women are those circles
they dont want to be approached directly
although they cry if you dont look at them
reason is.... imho..... the moment you move directly towards them, they feel hunted..... they think the reason you come near is only their sexual attraction and thats what they don't like..... in most cases they still want sex but only if you really are interested in them and to help them
even if that is the case, making them believe is another thing Wink
strange Rolling Eyes
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