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DELL plants trees

Would you plant a tree with your new PC?
Yes, sure!
 100%  [ 7 ]
Definetly not!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 7

I just ordered a laptop at and planted a tree for $2:
Want to help the environment? Through Dell, you can plant a tree to help offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated to power your new system. You can also recycle your PC or donate it to someone in need.

I think it's a nice idea to offer this - it at the least shows that they care about the environment.

What do you think about this? Would you plant a tree with your next system?
For only $2?

Of course.
Hmm, interesting. I suppose it's a pretty good thing. But, I'm still a bit unsure about how it will work. If you don't mind, could you explain it a bit more?
Ok, I did a little more research on it. You can read the whole thing here.
You donate $2 for laptops, $6 for desktops to plant a tree in order to neutralize emission you'll cause to power your system:
Donation amounts are based on expected average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the production of electricity needed to power the systems over three years – for a notebook .42 tons and for a desktop 1.26 tons. The cost of the carbon offset is $4.75 per ton. It costs approximately $6.31 per tree planted. On average a tree will sequester 1.33 tons of CO2 over 70 years through the program. Thus, the offset donation required to neutralize the carbon impact for notebooks is $2 and $6 for desktops

DELL together with Conservation Fund and will then plant trees with that money, currently focused on the Lower Mississippi River Valley:
The process of trapping carbon in forests, soils, geological formations and other carbon “sinks” is called carbon sequestration. Through its pioneering Carbon Sequestration program, The Conservation Fund has become the nation's leading environmental nonprofit working to implement on-the-ground solutions that address climate change. Since 2000, The Conservation Fund has restored 30,000 acres and planted more than 9 million trees through its carbon-sequestration program. Over the next 100 years, these new forests will capture an estimated 13.5 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere. The majority of these trees are planted and monitored by Environmental-Synergy Inc., a group of leading scientists specializing in reforestation and carbon sequestration monitoring. Reforestation efforts are currently focused on the Lower Mississippi River Valley – an area that has lost more than 20 million acres of bottomland hardwood forest in the last century.

A lot of play with numbers in that article, but doing anything at all makes the difference!
That's so cool! I'm very happy that Dell has chosen to do this. We are in desperate need for more trees on earth. We cut them all down! Sorry, I'm just all about trying to save the world from global warming and all that. Peace out.
Join the club!
I think it is a great thing Dell is doing this. It actually made it easier for me to chose who I'll buy my new laptop from!
Let's hope other companies start thinking about this topic too - and consumers are willing to pay a few cents more for fair, natural production!
I don't buy anything from DELL but If for some reason I would buy one I'll plant a tree too Very Happy
Oh, I get it now. Well, I will never buy another Dell product again, unless I'm too lazy to build a computer, or if I'm buying it for someone else. However, it's still a nice idea and if I just happen to purchase a Dell, sure, I'll do it.
Do one more thing, you not only give money for planting a tree, but also do it yourself, I mean plant a tree by yourself, and thus help the environment of earth. When each of you reading this article do it, then there will born a lot of plants that are otherwise will not be born! Go and buy a new plant and plant it today!
That is a nice idea, the problem is that most people just don't have the big backyard to plant it in! Crying or Very sad
why not? i would plant hundreds of trees if one was $2! save our world's ass!
Cibes wrote:
That is a nice idea, the problem is that most people just don't have the big backyard to plant it in! Crying or Very sad

Agreed. Atleast those who have a backyard can do it, and those who do not have such a backyard, just pay the 2$, and you have done what you can do from your part. Let more companies come with this idea of planting, for each purchace of a computer.
What a great idea! Of course I would, we can never have too many trees!
Hmm I am building a new pc in the next couple of months, I think when it is finished I will go and buy and plant a tree. If one tree will offset the emissions caused by using the pc..then imagine if everyone who bought/built a new pc did this.
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