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My Arcade gaming site[new!!!]

I have just bought a new domain name and i have featured some 110 new arcade games on this forum. check the games out. (registration required to play games)

note. i have received some complains that some people cannot open this site. It happens to be too. I am not really sure about this problem. please report if it happends and also tell me if the games have any problem.

please review my site..
thank you
That's a beautiful site you've got. A good design.
thank you for your comment.
any suggestion as what i should add more?
Not what you should add but what you should delete. You see, the downloading time takes about 5seconds for me. I don't know it's my problem...
I like your template very much, but it takes a lot of time to be uploaded... It takes even more then a minute! Also google advertisements not suit. Maybe use horisontal simple ads?
Firstly Thank you for your comments.
i will work on this immediately thank you
Looks great, I love the layout Smile Perfect for a gaming site
I really like the layout. Nice content and the color scheme is good. Keep it up. Very Happy
I like the color scheme and the icons, buttons and other decorative elements, but as everyone writes that it's a great layout, someone has to do the dirty part, which is outlining the possible improvements.

1) you should fix the white logotype from the top-left corner:
- it has bad letter spacing we can see that there is too much space around A, while the end of the word is too tight.
- i don't think this typeface matches the rest of your design. I even dare to say it spoils it ! Use the font from the rest of the content better. And my suggestion is to use some simple logo like the first letter is orange and the rest of the word grey ! This should do the thing and improve the look of your site instead of spoiling it.

- I also think that it's not the luckiest thing to have a shadow dropped by the logotype cut in half, besides if you resign from the shadow the graphics will weigh less.

- finally to the top section, I don't think that using both dots and stripes on one page is the best solution.

2) right sidebar with grey background:

- to my mind it would be better to use the bottom edge of the orange banner (showing the city) as the top edge of the right sidebars section entitled : "Advertisement". Then you can use the space for the section "Who's online" to add same additional info. I think that it's the best place for the login panel and other information not directly connected with the content.
3) Double menu:

- I would also resign from placing a copy of the horizontal navigation panel contents in a vertical menu on the right. It complicates the navigation.

4) Adverts
Is the sites purpose to only display google adverts ? They strongly compete with other content. Like you may consider placing the vertical menu on the left side.

I hope these tips will seem useful to you. They are meant not to let you drown in all those compliments you were given, because every progress is an extremely positive step. At least I think so.

Thank you
very encouraging post indeed. I am in the process of making some but not all changes.
I will definately redesign the logo.
i think i will have to filter the advertisements.
and more..
i will post as soon i make some changes..
I always try to consult my projects as widely as possible it helps me a lot, because others often see things I couldn't notice. I'm pretty surprised you got so few responses to your post. After all this is a web hosting forum, so almost everyone hosts a web page and should have something to say in this matter.

nice layout dude! cheers Very Happy
Get rid of all the ads, I very much doubt you make any money from them and they take away from the experience.
cool work
I just registered for a new domain name
and this will be similar to the old one, and it will be featuring more stuffs.
i will update when this new site is up..
I will try to make it more better than this one.
thank you
Yeah. This is one heck of a great site. It looks really professional. The rounded corners is awesomeness, lol. I also like the background of the site, really sleek. Nice coding as well. Good work!
i have just moved to a new domain name. check this arcade forum out..
new!!! with about 110 games, and more games to be added soon.
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