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The Marine


One of the best movies for 2006, That is what a lot of people have been saying. In my opinion the movie wasn't that great. I mean it was totaly over rated. Thruth be told it had nothing to do with Cena being a Marine at all. Sure it showed clips at the beginning of him during his duties as one but that was it. The rest of the movie is him running through woods and being in explosions. For special effects I give a 9 out of 10, but for the movie itself I give it a 6-10, mainly because the acting was good. If that wasn't the case then it would be a lot lower. If anyone else has any opinions please feel free to express them.
I liked this film alot.

Alright it wasn't the makings of a classic - but the acting was (surprising) very good (OK Robert Patrick ALWAYS puts in good performances) ... The script wasn't corny - it was a little predictable, but that's to be expected. The effects were great, the action sequences came thick'n'fast and, even though it wasn't about him being a Marine at that time - it reflected on him using the skills he had used to kill people, to save his wife.
I really enjoyed this movie. The effects we're great, plus John Cena is one of my favorite wrestlers.
It was an average movie in my opinion. Nothing great in it.

...well except Robert Patrick...he is too good in the movie. Other than that...average story...average acting by the cast.

Action was good but that was expected...I also think that they didn't utilize the fact that he was a marine...there should have been more bad guys for cena I think.
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