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My New Site! (Not Old One)

Hey all! Ok my site is totally back and ready for action, I am sticking with this template and everything!

I have products posted and ready to be bought but more are being added when I finish them.

I am looking for employes, I cant pay you untill people start buying/donating so just to let you know you wont be paid.

What I can give you is a email adress that ends in If you want to join I will set up that email account for you and you will be set to go.
- What an employee would do is take the customers emails and send out confermation emails that they want to buy that product, and then they would tell me what the customer wnated.


The new site adress is

You will be able to view everything on the site right away, because it is not a forums there will be no membership required. Just start looking around and have fun!

If you are in the mood donations would be very nice, I want to soon move my domain to another host keeping the layout but getting better disk space and bandwith.

Please check out my site! You wont be disappointed this time!
- My other sites were less then good... This one is better than good....

Thanks all!

Once again the site address is !

Whell, the website looks good, and I hope you will do good jobe with it!
Look at your footer, you will find a peace of code " <meta.... " messing around, correct it becouse it look affoul.
That "Microsoft Office" add, place it on the template, becouse It doesen`t look good over there.
I see that you don`t have a lot of products, only a website theme and some signatures ( I don`t know who will be interested in those 2 ).
Bee more professional, and resize the font size from the products page to be more smaller, more smallers means more professional, it looks afwoul with that font-size.
Modify that link collor, and visited color to look and to integrate it cooler into the website.
The page "contact us" looks very good, and the contact form is integated perfectly into the page.
Try to resize the website, to be more smaller or add some more text into it, becouse is big and there is no much content, this is another professional tip.
I don`t know much webdesigning but I work with html&css more and I visited some pages similar to your website in my country and they look awsome, becouse that text smaller, that big content, the text inspires professionalism.
The Meta tag stuff was only temp, I was trying to add my site to google and I couldnt get the stupid meta tag to work, I will change the font size and stuff on the products page to look alot better.

Thanks for your feedback, it actually really helped, if you can help me figure out how to make it so I can tie in a forum to my website that would be awsome!

If anyone knows how to tie a forum to my website to make it look more professional that would be very cool!

Once again thank you for your feed back and I cant wiat to get more!

for me the site is like old design a tipical type of website// try to use css based websites more control when it comes to looks of your website
good site.
where did you get the hosting that support ASP.NET?
Office Live Basics, it is a free webhost that gives you a free domain name. But I am transfering soon (to hopefully frihost) because FTP is not supported and you have to use there templates...

But it is a good start for new buisness like mine.

If you want a link you can just PM I guess...

Thanks for your feed back!
Thanks for your guys's feed back, and remember if you want you can help me run the place... We can negotiate how you will get payed and what with... I just really need a helping hand because of my school work and stuff like that.
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