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Fun browser games

I started playing Travian(new US server) because of a post I saw here on these forums. It was a really slow moving game at first, which is why I liked it. I could open it at work and just attend to it every now and then. Although it does speed up as you grow. It is basically a strategy gamel.

Do you play any fun browser games?
I usually play games at, they are fun!
jay84h wrote:
I usually play games at, they are fun!

Looks nice, I think I will visit this site more. Too bad it needs login.
I don't visit many original game sites, we all know
I think. Those are the 2 I play games on.
I used to always play at Newgrounds. Pogo is nice, it's worth it, I have a Club Pogo subscription, which is good for the price and you get a years worth!
I played Travian for a while... though after I got about 4 villages it started to really demand more and more (and more) time, and especially with the exams in foresight, I gave my account to someone else... it was fun while it lasted, but simply took too much time.
I don't know if this is the kind of game you are talking about but I play Utopia.

I like this game because it doesn't take much time unless you are at war but it is fun and if you get in a good Kingdom then you can meet some nice people.
Travian seemed nice, but it seemed like most of the "empire-building" game that I have played so far.

You should try the Kingdom of Loathing too. Smile
I used to play on ...they have some nice RPG games...
opera game widgets...
Jakob [JaWGames]
I used to play that Green Dragon game hosted by Soulfire but then the interest for the game died and it wasn't very funny to be the only one playing.
i like the game...u got any more new games
rangnork is pay and play right
i play lots of browser games, i also play travian (on the dutch domain) but i dunno how it works, and the tactits, i also dont know wich guy i choose.
the other browser games i play are:
bitefight, on, english server, its a game about vampires and werewolfes and sorta, in the begin i suggest you only to work and not to hunt, because u wont come in higscore and u can train goodwith lots of money.
ogame, at english at, u have your own planet and u cna get ore planets and battle people online
and runescape, u know what it is >.>
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