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My first page...


I just made my first page like a try, showing my Photos from Naples.
Maybe somebody could give me some critics or tips.

I used dreamweaver to make it...
Even tough the page is very simple, I needed hours to find out how this program works, where I have to put the page, that I have to call the first one index and so on...

Thanks for any suggestions!

Perhaps a logo at the top of the page? I suggest Paint Shop Pro 9
I think that the photos look professional - even though I do not particularly like Black & White...
I think you could change your layout & I agree with Joshva (my own name is similar - Joshua! Very Happy ) - you should make a logo Smile
Joshva wrote:
Perhaps a logo at the top of the page? I suggest Paint Shop Pro 9

Paint Shop Pro is Useless

U should use something like Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop Elements 3
From the first page i think that the photos look professional .
But the backcolor maybe should change.
Right you can use the dreamweaver to make the page.
Nice page.. it looks classic. But links are poor. There's no link to go back to the previous page and next page. Its an arduous task to make photo gallery in dreamweaver, its better to use database driven photogalleries like coppermine, gallery and others which are available free.
1. WELL DONE! But it looks better if you center all the thumbnails. Smile
2. If you would like to try a database driven alternative, look at the fantastico part of your Cpanel Smile
Your page is nice, good design but I think that dreamweaver isn't the best way to code webpages because the code generated is complex, to uderstand by a human being. The best is to code yourself, but it is hardest I know Wink
Thank you for all the tips, I will try my best to change it. I thought already of a logo for informalnonsense...
just have to draw it properly. Maybe I'll manage today.

And for now there is a new page, different style, with a lt of colours. It's a gipsy-language-course. So it's my second try for a page.
it's in german, and it will be under construction for quite a while, because I'm translating a whole manual.
German? Shocked I can't understand it.
Maybe you should use buttons in your menu, and not links. looks more professional..

Keep your points at a positive level.. Exclamation

James Smile
i like your pics, im currently studying Photography at college nt as good as u though i will have some of my pics on my site in a week or two at
matsta wrote:
Joshva wrote:
Perhaps a logo at the top of the page? I suggest Paint Shop Pro 9

Paint Shop Pro is Useless

U should use something like Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop Elements 3

I agree. I've used PSP and PS...Photoshop CS2 is the best in my opinion.
it gives me a classic feeling
and i like this feeling
Personally as I state repeat alot if you really want the best way to code its good to atleast know alot of basics in actual code, being able to use all HTML, CSS, even PHP if you want good pages then if you want forums or something obviously you dont need to code it yourself :p
a. I also think you can use a logo
b. I really think its nice man..
c. You know you can really get more space.,,,...../..
i mean.. you can do like.. you press the image, and it opens in a new window automatically sized
as the size of the image you clicked on.. then when you press on the image that zoomed (the one that opens in the new window)
it closes the window!
Its really good - best part:
You dont need another page for the Image!
its called Thumbnail... The other window is right in the sourc (lets say.... Smile of the link of the image../.../.
So that way you can have only ONE page
isnt that cool or what?
i beliebe it is Very Happy ^^..
well thats it man Smile

Yorye Nathan
thats me ^^...../..
nice Cool
but why i only see dark@white pics Shocked
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