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x86 and x86_64 arch differences?

hello guys, I just want to ask what's the difference between x86 and x86_64 architectures?

It's because I want to download a Linux distro and I don't know what archictecture that I should download... please advice thanks!

Also, I've seen that my system type is a X86 based PC but I ordered an FC6 DVD that is an x86_64 arch... is it ok?

thanks for the help!

Kind regards,
x86 architecture is the standard 32 Bit architecture that is currently available on most computers

x86_64 refers to 64 Bit architecture, which may only be in your system provided your Processor supports it[i.e. if your processor is 64 bit as well]

Currently, 64 bit versions do not have lots of software available for use in them.

It is wiser to go for the x86 one instead of the x86_64
Well, i think it might not turn out ok. The x86-64 architecture is derive from what AMD64 processor use to indicate that it is a 64-bit artchitecture while Intel uses the EM64T naming convention. And, x86 alone indicate it is a 32 bit architecture. Note that a 64bit processor can run a x86 and x86-64 application but for the 32bit processor, it is completely the other way round. You won't be able to run a x86-64(64bit) application on a 32bit(x86) processor. If you want to confirm, you could download cpu-z. Open cpu-z and see "Instructions" under the "CPU" tab. See whether EM64T or x86-64 is present. If it is not there, your computer is just a x86 processor. Therefore, it will not work with the x86-64 fedora core dvd that you mentioned. It's better off getting a x86 only version as the API for the x86 and the x86-64 version differs.
Ok, now I understand what are the differences between x86 and x86_64 arch.

Thanks for the help scorpio and mystzero both of your explanations really enlighten me.


what's are the adwantegis--- i gues it's faster if
something i writen for x86-64 (and run on it ofcorse),
I'm i right??

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