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Internet Explorer 7.. question

Hey, before I start, I want to show you something. If your using IE 7, right now press ALT. Did you see the file menu come up? If you did, then I want to know how do I remove it, I am getting pissed at it.

If you never saw it, and you know the answer please tell me Very Happy

Go to the 'extra' button on the left and uncheck the 'Show menu' option
Or right click on any part of the toolbar and select "Menu Bar" to untick it.
Its already unchecked. If I press alt, it shows up, and if I press it again, it goes away.
Can't see the "Extra" button on the left. Coud you specify ut a bit more? thanks.
Or Just use Firefox. Wink
Shin wrote:
Can't see the "Extra" button on the left. Coud you specify ut a bit more? thanks.

Sorry, my bad. I use the dutch version of IE and didn't realize it probably has a different name in the english one.

Just press on the ALT button again, and it would disappear. Another way is to click on File, then click away on empty space in IE7.
To remove that menu, use the ALT button again and click anywhere away from the top menu.

BTW, I am surprised that people still using IE 7. I guess I'll have to start a topic on how bad IE 7 is Very Happy
IE7 isn't that bad. It works for whatever firefox doesn't. I prefer IE7 because it gets really annoying when you can't download something beacuse of the stupid web browser you are using.
I think downloading through Firefox is very very easy. The built in download manager is good, but I use the extension DownloadThemAll, which is excellent.

IE7 doesn't make things as easy.

However, nobody should just dismiss IE7, because very soon it will be the most widely used browser in the world. IE6 is the current most used browser because it comes shipped with all OEM PCs. People who aren't technical aren;t going to bother with other browsers.
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