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Do You Like Westlife?

Do you like Westlife?
I'm crazy about them!
 24%  [ 7 ]
Somewhat. There are many others much superior to them!
 34%  [ 10 ]
I hate them! Don't talk about them anymore!
 34%  [ 10 ]
Do you like ..... who ?
 6%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 29

Master Yoda
They're my favorite band. I was actually thinking of creating a fansite based on Westlife...but first I thought of taking a poll here as to how many people here like Westlife... So tell me, do you or do you not like Westlife?
Not ACTUALLY my type of music, I much prefer heavy, screaming music, but I do, for some reason, like Westlife.

It's a character flaw of mine. People call me sad (21, male) but I couldn't care less. Lol. Good voices, catchy lyrics, who wouldn't like them.
Captain Fertile
They are okay, I can listen to them but they are the typical fabricated bot band formula with rehashed cover songs.

Nothing special - sorry!

Of course if you like them, that is fine its not for anyone to say you are wrong. Goodness knows I have some terrible taste in music and I am trapped forever in the 80's. Rolling Eyes
Master Yoda
Does anyone think that the main reason for Westlife not being so popular in the U.S. is coz of the fact that they sing covers? Coz as far as I go, I have no objection to them singing covers....
i absolutely abhor them.
OMG no!!! They killed "You Raise Me Up"!
Fright Knight
Well i'm not a fan of westlife, but some of their songs are good. not to mention some of those were revival, i think they give enough respect for those songs that they revived. I'm a metal/rock lover, not a pop lover, but good songs always catch my attention. in a scale of 1 to 10, and based on the songs of westlife that i heard, i'll give them 8 for talent, 6 for originality.

I was just wondering, i thought there were 5 of them. I guess I only saw 4 of them on a video a little over a month ago.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I don't like that kind of music and Westlife is no exception. I prefer various kind of metal but I actuallt listens to some ballads and things like that too. Just not that kind...
Fright Knight wrote:

I was just wondering, i thought there were 5 of them. I guess I only saw 4 of them on a video a little over a month ago.

Bryan left the band around 2/3 years ago to pursue other things. He has since been divorced and has a failing career as a solo artist.
Master Yoda
ChrisCh wrote:
OMG no!!! They killed "You Raise Me Up"!

I thought they were brilliant.. besides, that's my favorite Westlife song to date..
I really love their first album and I still listen to it from time to time. I also love their rendition of the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" They all have amazing voices. I didn't know that they are still around and that they broke up after Bryan left. (I prefer Mark's voice anyway!) That's cool that they are still singing though. If and when you get that fansite up - let me know, I'd like to check it out.
tingkagol wrote:
i absolutely abhor them.

hasn't changed. i think they should die.
My vote is no, they are just another pop group, which will not last over 3 years.
i'm not really into boys bands, the music is made by people from their studio, and the only thing they do is sing and do stupid dances and look good...

sorry but this is my opinion,

I'm more into rock, and aspecially new bands, because they need all the help they can get.

It is hard to start a band so i don't like boys bands who are just picked from the street cuz they look good ( really happens Razz )

besides the boys band music is simular, like the only use normaly pop chords, like I - IV - V so the music sounds good, but its allways the same...
I don't really like them however last year I saw them live purely through chance since they did a concert in a local park for the annual summer concerts and there was a gap in the fence... Rolling Eyes
I love Westlife. They are my fav group.
I hate Rap, Rock, Heavy Metal etc. I like Pop songs.
My song song of westlife is Seasons in the Sun.
There's no option on the poll for "don't like but wouldn't say hate". I think they are just another commercial boy band who have some degree of talent but just don't use it well.
it amazes me that they get away with it all the time....turning out drivel, masquerading as pop-stars.
they... years ago they are good~ but now, they still sing that way~
I used to like them in high school. I'm not saying I don't like them now. Must be that the boyband fangirl in me had died. HAHAHA
I listen to Westlife alot... They're one of my most fav bands..
.....and now they've gone & done it again.....taken a very good song (this time by Michael Buble, and only 12 months or so old, for goodness sake !!) & given it the bland Westlife treatment....the masses eat it all up with a big spoon & they're number one in the charts.
14 UK No. 1 singles wonder this country's in the state it is when the public accept this nonsense as "good"
Rolling Eyes
The Mitchell
westlife are awesome. i wish i could look as cool sitting on a stool singing and only standing off my slightly too tall stool for the hard notes. man i love em Rolling Eyes
I have two CD's off them (one was my mothers and the other one I got as a gift)
And even if they were one off those teen girls crushes I was never affected, I don't like a group or artist because off the person (how should we know they are telling the truth) I like songs, so I might love one song off one group while I maybe hate them.

I think they were a great band, even if I never bothered reading anything about them. Great group with great voice, don't care what others might say, I never follow the trends.
Several years ago, yes, everybody likes them, right?
But now, no, they are gone, like we don't like Backstreet boy or N'sync, the style they make to music is no longer pop any more.

Now I love Justin best.
OMG no!!! They killed "You Raise Me Up"!
mattchun wrote:
But now, no, they are gone, like we don't like Backstreet boy or N'sync, the style they make to music is no longer pop any more.

I was in the Czech Republic two days ago and listened to this German channel, at one point a group came on that was singing the boyband style, she asked if it was a parody, you hardly see them these days.

xxjssyou wrote:
OMG no!!! They killed "You Raise Me Up"!

I have heard so many styles of that song that Im just sick off it; some songs should be left when they have been performed a couple off times by two or three different artists.
I used to so crazy about them (not their songs) last time, when I was in elementary school. .
but now, whenever I listen to their songs, I'm wondering why I never pay attention to their music last time.. I mean it's not bad, and I love it.. It's kinda nostalgic, eheh Laughing
Westlife is one of those boybands which sing well and have good songs. I like them, especially in their early years. Smile
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