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Stuttering Sound When Playing Couner-Strike: Source

Hey, I have never had this issue before, but I noticed when I play CS: S, at times my sound stutters along with the graphics for a split 2 seconds and then goes right back to normal. I researched around and apparently it was an issue before but Valve apparently released a patch to fix it. Whenever I go into new place that requires the graphics to update, that's when mostly it happens. I heard it was an issue with people who had an Audigy 2 sound card, I have an Audigy 4 sound card. Would this issue come back into this piece of hardware? Or would it be a nice idea to modify the sound accereration in Dxdiag. Or even, would a complete reinstall fix the problem. Like I said, I have never had this issue before and it's only been happening lately. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
As you said, run a DXDIAG and improve the sound settings a little. Could you try post your current settings and maybe some info about your sound card? Smile
yeah that happened to me once and it went back to normal for good though after
Yeah, I heard that many people sometimes have issues such as these. Sound card is the Creative Audigy 4, I have settings on max, which should not make a difference at all, I completely turned off hardware acceleration in the DXDiag, I have read if you change it to standard it may improve it but I have not had a chance to test it as of yet.
I have attempted many fixes. I set DXDIAG to no acceleration, basic, as well as standard, those did not seem to work. I have no attempted to use full acceleration yet, but I may attempt that later. I have attempted to defrag the cache in the properties of the game. While inside playing, I attempted to write "cl_smooth 0" in the console and that did not work as well. I even deleted CS:S from my games listed and redownloaded it, but still nothing. I may very well just deleted steam and reinstall the whole thing. Anyone think that may work. I mean, I have NEVER had this issue before, and recently I was researching about this in which I seen they released a fix for it back in 2004. This is aggrivating me more and more, would appreciated it if anyone that experienced the same issue managed to fix it some how.
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Stuttering Sound When Playing Couner-Strike: Source
Stuttering Sound When Playing Couner-Strike: Source
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