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USB - TV for computer to TV output

I was wonder what the thing is called that allows you to connect your computer to your television that will allow it to show on your television. I know there is a device that does this, but don't know the name of it. Could someone tell me what is the name of this device and if I could get this from an electronic store?

Connecting your computer to a TV...

If the computer is a laptop (notebook) one, then it most probably has a S-Video output, and provided your TV has a S-Video input (most TVs have them) then you can just connect the laptop to the TV using a S-Video cable (available in all electronics stores)

If your computer is a desktop, I guess you want to connect a Television in the place of a monitor. I believe this is possible using a DVI connector, and again this is dependent on the features of your TV. Check up the TV manuals to find out what different types of video input it accepts.
Newlly TV have VGA port, you may connect you PC to TV from it. You may also find a VGA to video converter from Ebay, with which can convert VGA signal to video signal.
Well, there are quite a few ways to connect your computer to your TV. First of all, you need to check what ports your TV and computer have. If your computer has a single VGA port (with onboard graphics) then you need a splitter cable that sends the signal to both your monitor and to your TV. If you have a dedicated graphics card, most likely it has an S-Video port, and also DVI. If it has S-Video, hooking up your TV is no big deal, just buy the cable. Now, most TV's do have S-Video, but some don't. If you're TV doesn't, then you could purchase a cheap S-Video to Composite converter for about 3.50 USD. If your TV is new, it may have a VGA port, if so, the splitter cable would probably be a pretty good idea. Also, if your computer only has the single VGA, get the splitter cable, and a VGA to S-Video or composite converter.

What graphics card do you have on your computer? And what ports do you have on your TV?
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