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Why was the Marijuana discussion locked???

Well? Why was it locked??

Vrythramax wrote:
Dead subject........second hand smoke kills people.

Learn then post..


This is obviously not an end all for this discussion. The subject was OBVIOUSLY NOT dead or people would have stopped posting their opinions. If it were dead it would not have been 8 pages of discussion and GROWING. Also, had it been dead, don't you think the mods PARTICIPATING in the discussion would have already locked it??

Not only that, but there was NO argument about second hand smoke NOT being harmful.

And "learn then post" ??? It is quite obvious to me that YES there were some idiots who posted in that topic (that's a given for ANY topic where human beings are allowed to post their thoughts) but there were also some very well spoken folks expressing their intellectual, fact based opinions in a completely civilized manner. Nothing that went against the rules or the TOS for FriHost. And I for one take offense to your statement as all of my posts in the topic were based off factual studies and research, as well as my own opinions that are based on plenty of research and personal experience. So don't you tell me to "learn then post."

Maybe YOU, Vrythramax, shouldn't make a biased judgement about a harmless topic that makes you look like an ignoramus.

So unless you have good reason (and not just a bias against the topic) I believe the discussion should be allowed to continue.
In future please do not bring up staff members actions in public, whether they are right or wrong. If you have a problem with a member of staff's actions then you should PM them, or contact another member of staff about this.
Saying this however, I have re-opened the thread in question. There has certainly been at least two periods of time when there has not been any posting in the thread, but staff members have posted their opinion in it after this, which is my main reason to re-open it. After weighing up the odds, i feel that this is worth it.
There has been close to constent posting in the thread since Dec 27, but I suspect max only looked at the date the thread opened which is why he locked it. I apologise on his behalf, as I know he would, for not recognising this. Staff members do have a lfie outside of frihost and it seems that everyone of us is busy at the moment, so we all occasionally miss one thing or another.

Please however remember that in future PM a staff member where possible instead of in public.

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