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Whats last thing a brought from amazon?


I had a quick search and I could find any other posts asking about this so,
I will carry on.

We all love and know amazon I thought it would be nice to show other readers what I purchased last and maybe others could post theirs?

The last things I brought were children's books

1.Fantastic mr fox
2.The Magic finger
3.Charlie and the chocolate factory
4.the kiss that missed
5.where the wild things are
6.the tiger who came to tea
i last bought some earphones for my mp3 player and the derren brown book: Tricks of the Mind which is absolutely AMAZING!
I bought a soundcard (Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music) and had a lot of problems with amazon... They delivered twice the wrong soundcard and it was very annoying. Well, at least the Amazon service is good so it didn't take too long.
I think I bought the Leslie West CD "Guitarded". How exciting, huh?

Captain Fertile
I bought the Angelis CD as a Christmas gift to give my mother-in-law.

Amazon were out of Rat poison so I settled on giving her the CD! Crying or Very sad

I like Amazon but the postal charges usually negate the savings you make on single items. You can save on larger orders though.

I tend to buy from the new and used section of the Amazon marketplace (Amazon users selling stuff) some great bargains to be had there - even with postal costs included.

I have bought good (and unused) movies on video, music CDs and books for 1 penny each plus minimal P&P that way. I love it!!! Pretty good for picking up hard to find, deleted or obsccure titles. Applause

Amazon also has a very good system for personalising your experience of their site and personalising the content, it is very smart and shows you stuff youy really would be interested in even though it had never crossed your mind until their site presented it to you. A great example of cross selling (or is it up selling) in action.

PS I almost fogot, it is also fun to put your own name or names of friends and family into the author search to see if you are famous. Nothing like seeing pictures of books with your name on the front cover - or maybe that is just my ego! Embarassed
A manga for my friends birthday....actully its the only thing i bought from amazon and the first thing i ever bought online =)-
Schindler's List, The Pianist, and Life is Beautiful on DVD. It's for my Holocaust in Film class, as you might imagine Smile.
I finally got a credit card a month or two ago, so the first, only, and last thing I bought off of Amazon was a textbook for my philosophy class. Since he didn't care which version of the book the class used (fifth or sixth - my teacher was referencing the fifth book until he "upgraded" this week), I bought a used one.

I'll probably be buying more stuff soon; online shopping comes in handy when you can't find something at a store. Very Happy
If i remember correctly, the last thing i bought from amazon was a digimin world game for the playstation one console.

I bought the ultimate Mad About You collection on DVD, because I had a major craving for the show Smile.
Measured Tones, a textbook for my Physics & Music Class
Madden 2007 for GBA (terrible choice, I should've just bought it for PS2)
Just brought an iPod silicon skin. Very Happy Took a while to receive it, but the price is amazing. Almost 40% less than if you buy from shop retailers.
I I bought... let me think... what did I buy? I can't really remember buying anything from The last thing I remember using that site for was when I was gathering album artwork for my MP3s, and before that was a few Christmas's ago when I was looking up how many new Tomb Raider books they've written (only 3, and I don't think they're making any more). Yeah.
The last thing I bought from Amazon, was some game cube game, about 5-7 years ago. Hehe.
the last thing I bought was... my Psychology textbook (how fun I know! ) Rolling Eyes

Textbooks costs so much! I have to try to get some financial aid next semester. Anyway... I do love amazon, I usually get my books from there or CDs that I can't seem to find in the local music stores. Oh and games for my PS2. I haven't really purchased anything for my leisure in a little while simply because I don't think I have enough time during the day to utilize them.

Work, school, and sleep - that's pretty much my life right now, I'm sure many of you know how that is!
Last thing was from the marketplace - Ipod charger and an ipod skin for jfk jnr.

much better than e-buy which with all that shill bidding is becoming a rip off.
i dont use amazon much... but i bought a cd for $1.50 Cool
I bought some PS tutorial books from there. I never even used them though.
Amazon is the most popular cyber book store in the world?
I've been thinking so..

Actually, I've never buy anything at
But these days I needed a ram(random access memory) so I tried to search it at google. at last I found it at Amazing... there are many kinds products at amazon....
Well, the last thing I bought off was a box set of the anime .hack//SIGN, two years or so ago. If you count, the last thing I ordered was the Psycho le Cému single Yume Kazaguruma. It was a limited edition version, too! Very Happy The last thing I got before that was the Schwarz Stein single Current, because I couldn't find it anywhere else at the time.
I've only bought one thing off Amazon and was extremely impressed with there service. Very quick and prices are excellent!

I bought a copy of the film "Witness" for less then €10, in the shops they were selling it for €30!
I last bought a pair of boots that I really, really wanted. They are awesome boots, but no stores in my area had them in the size I needed (because of course, I needed a half size smaller than I normally wear in boots). So I had to resort to buying online, and Amazon had the best deal. It was kind of strange to buy from Amazon... but they had the best price and gave me free shipping.
ive only just gotten into amazon, but ive already bought a WIFI card for my pda. works Great! Very Happy
I got the book 'Empire of the Sun' for my school work.
it arrived 2 weeks late O_O
Usually amazon is really good though Confused
Don't buy from amazon... use eBay it's much better, much more fun, and very often, much cheaper!
Comic book trade paper backs. "JLA Classified: New Maps of Hell" by Warren Ellis.
A lot of textbooks. And I mean a lot.
What's the last thing you bought from Amazon??? Eh?

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