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More intellectual software

Dont you get the feeling sometimes that its software which is letting our hardware down so badly.
What I mean is that in the near future we are going to have more intellectual software which will use very little processing power leaving our computers to compute programs rather than struggling with the operating system.
Hardware seems to be advancing so much faster than software,it cant possibly keep up.Microchip is 30 years old,its time for maybe nano technology to take control?

Waiting for so techie to prove my whole theory is wrong in one sentence. Confused
there is a human brain to work
all machines and softwares are made by human
so no way
Where the demands of software aren't met by the constraints of hardware <-- simulations, for research purposes, or my favourite ones, video game physics engines! On demand rendering of 3D graphics can easily be limited by hardware. So a lot of software pushes the boundries of what can be handled by a set of hardware.
Although, technically, I guess that means commercially available hardware, I'm sure there's some really wicked set up somewhere that's much faster than what most people have, so it's a matter of having the technology, and being able to make it economically.
As to the software processing stuff, well, it is possible to have the software optimise itself, but the optimising takes processing time itself. So far, all software is just a set of instructions, read this, write this, etc. Maybe in the future, there will be software based on fuzzy logic instead of set (and by set I mean precise and determined, not a mathematical set) instructions?
I think that the problem with software development is adherence to particular ideas (that's why you end up with word vs 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 all being produced over several years, but essentially being the same program...). Originality and creativity should be part of software dev too! Freedom from the box of known successes, take a chance! Write something new!
Things have changed a lot through the years. Back in the sixties and seventies code was often very efficient as hardware resources were at a premium. You had to think a lot before you would even start to write a line of code. Nowadays deadlines seem to be more important and you are told to have the code ready by a certain time - no time for thinking or optimising any more.
Yes, indeed. I don't know what is wrong with my other half of divided hard-drive (photoshop, dreamweaver, music, AIM,downloads, viruses), but everytime I reinstall my computer with this old Windows XP Home, my computer works perfect. As soon as I update to servise pack 2, my computer becomes a zombie!!!! When you're not running no programs it's ok, but when you play music, or video, my CPU is 100% used! I don't maybe someone can explain why this happens? I have 1GB of ram, 2.21 Ghz. I would think that I need to get a new computer, but on the 'clean' half of my hardrive(my dad's:e-mail, skype, and a lil video editing)
Weel if you look aroud, there's a lot of good intellectual software... you have to search a bit, because they are not the most famous Rolling Eyes
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