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A Summary of the basics of fasting - Islam

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A Summary of the basics of fasting
Definition of fasting
Fasting is to worship Allah by avoiding all what may nullify this action, which starts from the dawn and ends at the sunset.
Status of Fasting
1.Fasting is an obligation as acknowledged by the Holy Koran, Sunnah, and Ijma (Unanimity). Allah (SWT) Says: "O you who believe! fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun(the pious)", and He also says: "whoever of you sight the month, he must fast that month".
2.The prophet(SWA) says:"Islam is based upon five pillars", of which mentioned "fasting Ramadan". Muslims have ominously agreed upon the obligation of fasting Ramadan, and he who renounces this obligation is regarded as an apostate, and is exhorted to repent. If he did, acknowledging the obligation of fasting Ramadan, he would be saved, but if he did not, he would be killed according to Islamic Law.
The Prerequisites of Fasting's Obligation
The Prerequisites of Fasting's Perfectibility
5.The stoppage of the menses' and childbirth's blood.
The Pillars of Fasting
2.It is the willingness of the heart to perform fasting acting upon the command of Allah(SWT). The prophet(SAW) says: "Whoever does not make the intention of fasting at night, his fasting is not accepted" [Bukhari & Muslim]
4.It is to abstain from all that nullify fasting such as foods, drinks and sexual intercourse.
6.What is meant by time is the day-time, which starts from the daybreak up to the sunset. Allah(SWT) says: "....then complete your fast till the nightfall.."
Who are the People whose fasting is not accepted
1.Te disbeliever is not required to fast, and not to compensate for it if he embraced Islam.
2.The child is not required to fast, but is advised to do in order to be familiarised with it.
3.The insane is also not required to fast, and not to compensate for it by offering food to others, even if he were a grown-up; categorised with the insane group is the elderly who loses discretion because of old age.
4. The man who is unable to fast due to a permanent reason such as old age and unrecoverable illness. This man must compensate, in this case , by offering food to the poor for each day he did not fast. 5.A patient, who undergoes an incidental illness that may be cured, is allowed not to fast if he finds it difficult, but, once recovered, he must fast all what he missed
6.The pregnant and breast-feeding women do not fast for the sake of their babies, if they find fasting difficult. They must fast all what they missed out once this difficulty disappears.
7.The woman, who is having menses, and the confined woman, do not fast, but they must fast all what they missed out.
8.A person, who is obliged not to fast for the sake of saving people from drowning or fire, does this, but he must fast what he missed out.
9.A person, in travel, has the choice whether or not to fast
Some of the Sunnah of Fasting
2. To delay sahur
3.To speed Iftar(breaking fast) up.
4.To break fasting by having ripe, dried dates, or water, ordered according to their scale of virtue, and it is Sunnah to have them in odd numbers.
5.To make duaa' (supplication) while breaking fast. The prophet(SAW) says:"Oh Allah, I have fasted for your satisfaction, and have broken fast by your sustenance, so accept my fasting, You are the all knower, the all hearer".
6.If a faster is cursed or humiliated, he should say: "I am Fasting".
7.To increase good deeds such as performing prayers, giving zakah and charity, reciting the Holy Qur'an, and making zikr and istighfar.
The Nullifiers of Fasting
1.Sexual intercourse: A faster who commits this act during the daytime should compensate by freeing a slave, and if not available, by fasting two months consecutively, and if he cannot, by feeding sixty poors(every person should be fed what equals an amount of (150g) of wheat or rice.
2.Ejaculation: This act nullifies fasting Whether it is made by masturbation, sexual intercourse, kissing, or by embracing.
3.Food or drink, whether they are useful or harmful such as cigarettes.
4.Nourishing injections: This kind of injections, by which a person can do without food, nullifies fasting. While the ordinary injections do not nullify fasting whether they are injected into the muscles or veins, and whether or not a person feels their taste.
5.Blood injections: This kind of injections nullifies the fasting of a person who is already bleeding, and is, therefore, given a blood injection to get back the lost blood.
6.The menses' and childbirth's blood nullifies fasting. 7.Taking the blood out by phlebotomy nullifies fasting, the process by which bleeding is provoked .
8.A deliberate vomit nullifies fasting, while an in deliberate one does not.
The Faster is Forgiven if he does the following
1.Eating or drinking forgetfully, mistakenly, and compulsively. Allah(SWT) says: "..except him who is forced there to and whose heart is at rest with faith..", and the Prophet(SAW) says: "Whoever forgets while fasting, let him complete his fast, because Allah has offered him food and drinks".[Bukhari & Muslim].
2. Having wet dreams: The Prophet(SAW) says:"An excuse is given to three the insane till he regains sanity, the sleepy till he wakes up, and the lad till he has wet dreams."
3. Swallowing saliva, even if it is a abundant.
4.Waking up without having made the gusl(taking bath), which is required after sexual intercourse.
5.The roads and factories dust, and all other steams which are unavoidable
Thank you Muslim4life, for sharing this information! May God bless you for your sharing about fasting. It is important that other religions should also know why Muslims fast.
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