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Revealing the secrets of magic

Do you want to know how a magic is done?
 83%  [ 36 ]
 16%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 43

I have always been fascinated with magic and tricks. So, I have decided to set up a blog by attempting to reveal the secrets of magic.

I am not a magician, if I do I wouldn't be doing this.

I have some ideas and aims which I have posted in my blog. Its

I just started and I am looking for a few authors to join me in this project as well as readers interested to share some sources, articles, ideas, opinions, comments etc about the subject.
Captain Fertile
I have voted yes but I am kind of glad they guard the secrets well - the air of mystery still remains then.

I think your blog sounds like a great but I'm not too sure what the magic circle will say about it. Cool Smile
Yes like everyone I also want to know about secrets of magic. I know few tricks but I want to learn more.

By the way, if you are attempting to advertise your website then you can do so in the 'advertise your website' section.
No, I don't know why, but I'm not really interested in magic or anything like that ---.---
sure it sounds like something cool i guess but the link on your post doesnt work.. do you mind fixing it?
I voted 'yes' because I am curious by nature.

BTW: on this site common magic tricks are explained: Do not go there if you don't want to now how magic works!
Good idea. It is a unique blog idea.
some magician in my country have relation with ghost/evil to help them to perform magic. i think it's unexplainable Smile
I want to know how magic works, cause I'm very curious. But on your blog, the best trick (2nd on the homepage) isn't explained Sad
I've always wondered how magic works ever since I was a kid. I wish I know a magician who could teach me how to do magic. I want to be a magician myself. hehe.

I don't know why but the link doesn't work.. X/
Magic tricks are strange, I mean, we all know they aren't real... but they mesmerize and mystify us somehow.
MrBlueSky wrote:
I voted 'yes' because I am curious by nature.

BTW: on this site common magic tricks are explained: Do not go there if you don't want to now how magic works!
At the risk of sounding stupid for not realizing it earlier - I think that site is some kind of joke, or some clever ploy by real magicians to stop people figuring out their tricks by making them think they are too hard.

For example, this trick

Triumph is a self-working card trick that uses a special deck of cards. These cards are precision engineered to have three sides instead of the usual two sides, but they are no thicker than normal playing cards. If the deck is spread with the first side showing, the cards appear to be face down. If it is spread with the second side showing, the cards appear face up. If the deck is rotated 180 degrees to show the third side, the cards appear to be half face up and half face down.

Where the hell do you get three sided cards, and how can they be three sided if they are the same thickness as regular cards?

This site has left me confused, but not deterred.

Im going to find out how magic really works, then perform the tricks really badly why trying to impress a girl who obviously isn't interested. Laughing
I voted yes.

It quite fun to try and figure out how the tricks are done. Although most of the time I fail, and most "magicians" dont show their secrets.

I guess it would be nice to know though. If not else, it΄s allways nice to have some party tricks in your sleeve Wink

Well, I didn't vote because I'm still hesitating...

I guess that I would like to know SOME tricks, but not all.

Like you know, knowing some few easy tricks and being able to play them, but still being able to go to a magic theatre and be mystify by the magician Smile If I knew them all, it would kill the beauty of it all I guess.

But somehow, I think that a good magician is the one who will invent their own tricks and keep them secrets till they find a apprentice.
Hi. Thanks for the votes and feedback. Glad to know more people are interested in knowing how magic is done.

I think its good to have some party tricks up your sleeves that you could do to entertain some people. It also need lots of practice and simply knowing won't be enough.

I have been adding new stuff. So do check the site out if you have not done so recently -

Help me to spread this site to your friends and colleagues who you think are interested in magic.

And if you know of some tricks you would like to share, send them to me, I will add them in Smile
{name here}
A good magician never reveals his tricks!(I'm not a good one) Very Happy
Yes, I'd want to know the secrets. But if you know how a trick is done, you shouldn't tell anyone. Takes away the magic.
yeah, who don't?
Captain Fertile
Where the hell do you get three sided cards, and how can they be three sided if they are the same thickness as regular cards?

This had me wondering too but I suspect they are card with two sides but three faces.

Eg. Side A shows the front of the card (3 clubs, 2 diamonds etc.) as a normal playing card does.

Side B Shows The front of the card on one half of it (3 clubs, 2 diamonds etc.) and the back of the card (the fancy design) on the other half (probably split horizontaly or slightly at an angle so they apeear to be normal when srpead in the usual fan manner). So dependig on which way up you have them when fanned out they will appear to be face up or face down. You can then make them appear to have turned around without turning the deck, simply fan them in the opposite direction.

Phew! I hope that made some sense.

I may be wrong but that is the only way I can work out how a card having three faces in the way you describe and still apear normal.
No I dont want to know... Why do we have to explain everything? Of course I m very curious about the "How do they do that" bit but I dont need to know it...
Still want to go "oooooh" when i see magic! It's the kid in me Wink
genchan wrote:

Remove the "full stop" from the end of your link and your link will work.
Thanks ainieas. I didn't realize the 'full stop' was part of the link. Already did the editing. Should be fine now.

My apologies to those who couldn't click on the link.
I think it is a horrible idea. I am an amateur magician, and if everyone know how to do everything there would be no point at all of even doing it. The entire point of modern magic is to mystify the bystanders or whoever your audience is. If every Tom, Joe, and Mary know how to do everything what would the point in doing it be. A site like this has the ability to ruin all modern magicians/illusionists. Why would you want to do something like that?
I got the feeling you're trying to advertise your website. Anyway, I'm always curious about how the magic tricks are done.. nevertheless, if you know the secrets of the magic tricks, there would be no point of entertainment as it's not as mysterious anymore. So, I actually hoped that the secrets of magic tricks would not be exposed that easily.
Apparently you have never heard the phrase "a magician never tells his secret"
Go to youtube, and type Magic...

you'll find hundreds of secrets... card trics, levitation, etc...

That's pretty funny!

But I'm not sure that magicians laught about that Smile
MrBlueSky wrote:
I voted 'yes' because I am curious by nature.

BTW: on this site common magic tricks are explained: Do not go there if you don't want to now how magic works!

Yeah, I'm gonna say this is a joke site...
for example, at the bottom of the pages on street magic:

The information on this site is intended for use only by those with a sincere desire to learn nothing about magic
(Bolding mine)

Or under the Floating dollar bill trick, the site says to use a straw and blow on your palm to deflect the air upwards, thus balancing the bill on an air column of air. You might almost buy that until the note at the end.
: Those with particularly strong lungs may be able to make larger denomination bills float -- fives, tens, even fifties or hundreds with the help of a personal trainer. End of story
Uh, all bills would be roughly the same weight.

Or the levitation trick developed by Danny Bonaduce?

Or my favorite, the magician that had the treasury print up special bills with removable ink?!

I think it is pretty safe to assume it it all a joke.
I can send some tricks if you want. The traffic light and fanta-stik. Got em for 10 dollars. They impress easily though, but they are one-timers.

Great site. I was thinking about something similar. Just buying tricks at a shop and posting the methods on the web. Razz

Good luck with that, I'm sure you'll get a lot of views.
Its interesting what HoboPelican pointed out about "learn nothing about magic". Didn't see that. But could that have been a typo error?... replace 'about' with 'but' would make sense. Then again it could be a joke site afterall Very Happy

Hi Jaan, thanks for visiting. I have added a few more. If you don't mind, send me your tricks via the blogsite and I will be more than happy to post them up Smile
Its good to know how a trick is done.
yeah... it is good to know magic trick but i'm quite selfish, if i learn some magic trick, then i wont tell anyone. because that is the promise to friends that teach me... and i play some simple magic trick like coin and cards.
i'd love to know how the tricks are done! (:
even though it may spoil all the fun..
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