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..::Go 4 Pixels::.. Brand New Idea Investment [NOT HYIP]

Pixel Advertisement become trendy these days. Many advertiser would like to choose pixel ads since everyone is looking at it.

There are a lot of pixel ads website which provide different pricing. Everyone knows that making a pixel advertisement website will earn a lot.

So, we have come out an idea of sharing our earning to advertisers.

Pixel Shares Plan
Pixel Shares Plan is a plan where we will sharing out 50% of our total sales earning to our Pixel Shares Holder. In this plan, you will have potential to earn a lot from what you spend but you have to be wise thinking. How to maximize your earning is completely up to you.

Pixel Shares Requirement
- One time purchase of minimum 10,000 pixels
- Pass Pixel Shares Holder Test (10 questions)

Pixel Shares Plan Detail
Total Share = 50% from Total Sales ($250,000).
Total Share Points = 500,000 Share Points.
Share Point Worth = 10,000 Share Points = 1% from Total Sales.
Share Divide Factor = Pixel Share Holder's Total Purchase.

Pixel Shares Simulation

Day 1
John buys a 100x100px ads for $5,000
Jack buys a 100x100px ads for $5,000

-- John has 250,000 Share Points today. (25% from Total Share)
-- Jack has 250,000 Share Points today. (25% from Total Share)

Day 2
Mary buys a 200x200px ads for $20,000

-- John has 83,000 Share Points today. (8.3% from Total Share)
-- Jack has 83,000 Share Points today. (8.3% from Total Share)
-- Mary has 334,000 Share Points today. (33.4% from Total Share)

Day 3
Selina buys a 200x200px ads for $20,000
-- John has 50,000 Share Points today. (5% from Total Share)
-- Jack has 50,000 Share Points today. (5% from Total Share)
-- Mary has 200,000 Share Points today. (20% from Total Share)
-- Selina has 200,000 Share Points today. (20% from Total Share)

End of Sales
Total Share Holder = 4 (John, Jack, Mary, Selina)
- John has 50,000 Share Points = $25,000 (5% of $500,000)
- Jack has 50,000 Share Points = $25,000 (5% of $500,000)
- Mary has 200,000 Share Points = $100,000 (20% of $500,000)
- Selina has 200,00 Share Points = $100,000 (20% of $500,000)

John, Jack, Mary and Selina has earn 500% from their total spend.
In this investment, you will NOT lose anything. You get the cheapest pix ad advertisement.

So, this is how the plans go. Good Luck and see you soon!!

Check It Here:
Check our blog for more informations
This doesn't make any sence what so ever - where do the 500.000$ suddenly come from? By my calculations there is a total revenue of 50.000$ - meaning that everyone get 50% of their total spend.

As you are blatantly lying and manipulation people to take part in a pyramid scheme, I have reported this post to the moderators.
$500,000 is Total Sales = Total Money When ALL the pixels has been sold

I will share out 50% ($250,000) to the share holder.

Which means, if at the end i only have 1 share holder, i give give all $250,000 to him/her

BUT if at the end, i have more than 1 share holder, i will divide the $250,000 in to each share holder according to their percentage of total share holder have.


Jaclyn has buy total of $5,000
Sean has buy total of $30,000
Danny has buy total of $15,00

Total Share Holder = 3
Total Share Holder Purchase = $50,000

Then Jaclyn will get $5,000/$50,000 = 10% from $250,000 = $25,000
Sean will get $30,000/$50,000 = 60% from $250,000 = $150,000
Danny will get $15,000/$50,000 = 30% from $250,000 = $75,000

In this case, you will think that if there is more than hundred or thousand share holder?

This is why I make the minimum purchase requirement is at least 10,000 pixels ($5,000)... not everyone can make this purchase in 1 time.

So as share holder, you are responsible to get traffic or visitor so that we have our pixel sold out even faster so that other's don't have more spaces to buy and become your share rival.

This is totally not a pyramid scheme. As you report to MOD also, I hope that mod can read this details carefully.

I just do like what other company do as "Shares". I shared out 50% from what I earn as pay ONLY for share holder which able to purchase at least 10,000 pixels at 1 time. I have 1 mil of pixels there. Do you think all advertiser will choose a 100x100 pixels which cost $5,000 to advertise? Not all will advertise in such large size of advertisement. So, it makes sense.

The calculation up there is just simulation. You CAN get all $250,000 if you able to monopolize the shares.

But you have to be wise in calculation. If you choose to buy 500,000 pixels to monopolize the share, then you are wrong. It will just drag down your total shares

Share Holder < Normal Advertiser = Earning
Share Holder > Normal Advertiser = Losing
Share Holder = Normal Advertiser = No Earning

In this case, you have to be wise to watch out how many sales of pixel has been sales to normal advertiser and how many has been monopolize by share holder

Hope that you understand because this is a new idea and no one do this before. Because of it is new, so you will get the idea of HYIP.
Still doesn't make any sense.


Which means, if at the end i only have 1 share holder, i give give all $250,000 to him/her

"At the end" means when all adds are sold, right?

So logically there should be quite a lot of investors before you pay the 500%? - for example 100 who each payed $5000.

$250.000 divided by 100 is.....

$2500 - 50%

...and whatever amount of investors there are, the payback will always be 50%, as the money can't suddenly appear from nowhere!

Fellow frihoster i WARN YOU - this is a scam designed to cheat you out of serious money - do not fall for it. (do the math first!)
ok ... it' seems you have TOO attracted to that 500% man... I does the calculation several times and it doesn't really wrong if the share holder is wise enough to control the market.

also, it's a origin form of advertisement. You Pay For Advertisement and Get Your Share. I set it to $0.50 per pixel and another is free at 2nd page. it's already the cheapest around. You didn't pay for the share. you just pay for the ads which cost $0.50 each pix. So, if I really cheat money, what you will lose?

I don't want to argue about this. Let's the moderator does the math and settle down. If moderator found that my idea is cheating (since this is my solo counting), just lock this thread.


But in the end, I don't think there is any problem up there. up to you all to decide.
The maths and logic are completely, 100% wrong. Nobody will ever make a profit out of this "shareholder" deal.

You have 1,000,000 pixels for sale.
Each pixel is $0.50.

If you sell all pixels, you will have made $500,000 - it is only at this point that you will give any money away.

You take $250,000 for yourself, leaving $250,000 for "shareholders".
Each shareholder has a percentage of this stake - there are 1,000,000 pixels, so each pixel is worth $250,000/1,000,000 = $0.25 to an investor.

For the examples you gave:
Jaclyn has buy total of $5,000
Sean has buy total of $30,000
Danny has buy total of $15,00

To invest $5,000 Jaclyn must have bought 10,000 pixels at $0.50
To invest $30,000 Sean must have bough 60,000 pixels at $0.50
And to invest $15,000 Danny must have bought 30,000 pixels at $0.50

As I have calculated above, the return to each "shareholder" will be $0.25 per pixel they own since every pixel must be worth exactly the same amount to each investor in order for it to be an equal share.

With 10,000 pixels, Jaclyn will get a return of $10,000*0.25 = $2,500 - half the original investment
With 60,000 pixels, Sean will get a return of $60,000*0.25 = $15,000 - half the original investment
With 30,000 pixels, Danny will get a return of $15,000*0.25 = $7,500 - half the original investment

Basically, each investor will be paying $0.50 for "shares" that are only worth $0.25.

The reason your maths are wrong is because you've assumed that you will make $500,000 after only selling 100,000 pixels and not 1,000,000 pixels. In order to get $500,000 with 100,000 pixels, they would need to cost $5 each. No matter how you calculate it, investors will never make money and will always lose money.

Your entire logic is flawed - the numbers simply do not add up. It is also extremely questionable as to whether you will ever sell all your pixels, meaning that any money invested will never be returned. You are also anonymously hosting this pixel site on a free server without even having your own domain name - it is therefore unlikely that any serious investors interested in advertising will ever use it. All of these points mean that you will probably never sell all the pixels.

In summary:
Your calculations are wrong.
Investors will only ever get half their investment back, no matter how many pixels they buy.
Your site will probably never be popular enough, so you probably won't sell all your pixels. In this case, "investors" get nothing.
ok ... then this explained my error.

how if i limit the share holder?

If there is only 5 share holders and limited to 100,000 pixels per each share holder?

so then this can be run?

i didn't meant to cheat out there so that i so pushing hard on my point.
No, this will not work.

No matter how many pixels a user buys, you are still taking half of the money that they invest, then returning half to them. Nobody will ever make money because you are taking away half of whatever is paid in.

The only way someone can make a profit is if you run the system like a pyramid scheme. But these are illegal.
ok then i'll close the idea... sry for disturbing everyone. close this thread please.
zivkong wrote:
close this thread please.

-close- as requested.
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