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Kick-A** Driving Anthems

Captain Fertile
Okay guys, spring and summer are on the way and Mrs Fertile and Myself like nothing better than a nice long drive in the sunshine (with the little Fertiles too sometimes, strapped safely in the back of course). So I’m pulling together some music for the car and want some awesome driving Anthems.

The songs can be from anyone, any time and any genre but they should all have one thing in common:

They should all make your foot press down harder on the gas without your realising as soon as the song gets up to speed OR it should somehow make the driving experience more rounded and pleasurable.

I am imagining some great guitar riffs and lots of air guitar action but if you can think of some piece of classical or any other type that will do the same job then share it with me and I will check it out - nothing is Taboo so educate me in great driving music please.

Whether you are a granddad into Beethoven, a Goth into Marilyn Manson or a toddler into Three Blind Mice (the techno mix of course) you should be able to think of something to contribute to this thread. Whether it Green Day or Doris Day I don’t mind, I will check it out and if it suits I will use it and your wonderful taste in music will earn my life-long respect.

If you think you know a song that really rocks your world when you drive please post it here.

I thank you. Dancing Dancing Boo hoo! Dancing Dancing Dancing
Quite a request Captain. Well there are a lot of song to suite you. One of them could be "Metallica - Fuel". Not the best song of this group in general, but the lyrics, i think, are just for an occasion such as yours. I'll add some more later.
Try these:
Group - Title
NightWish - Moondance
Jerry C - Canon Rock (this one will put you out of raod Wink )
Tonedeff - Gathered
Ludacris - Move Bitch

Anything from the Initial D eurobeat series.
Mother - Danzig
Can't Stop - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Chris Impelliterri - Chicken picking
My Chemical Romance - Welcome To the black parade
buckcherry-crazy b****
chamillionaire-ridin dirty
Chamillionaire's a good one.

Also: Rick Ross-Push It

Song's hilarious...
Good driving music should always be trance haha. My favorite is anything in the Bestmixes Dream Trance series. My favorite being Vol. 3.
Pyro Man
the ULITMATE EVER DRIVING SONG: Free Bird- Lynrd Skynrd!

but other songs:

Staring at the Sun- The Offspring
Love to Burn- Neil Young
Hurricaine- Bob Dylan
Song 2- Blur

and MANY MANY MORE, that I cant be bothered to think of lol
My ultimate driving anthem is Come out and play (Keep em separated) by The Offspring.

Another song I really love to hear, particularly on the way back from the beach and a good surf in the summer is Last Summer by Lostprophets, that's my sun set driving from the beach after a tiring day song.
Tool- Sober
311- 123
Ministry- Jesus built my hot rod
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