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Should computer run us one day?(if they could)>>>

Read the post first, then vote
 14%  [ 1 ]
 14%  [ 1 ]
Only under special surcumstances
 0%  [ 0 ]
I wouldn't like it>>>
 14%  [ 1 ]
I would never let a Fr**** machine deside for me~!
 57%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 7

Ok, so lets suppose that one day, computers, get over the earth, but they don't want to exterminate us, but to just run us, like in irobot.
Should we accept it?(maybe under some conditions)
This mind sound a bit crazy, but it might is the only way to achieve world peace(also think, that if things go on like that, soon only 1% of the people will actually vote).

What do you think?
This is spam. Yuo are making another thread about the same thing.

you posted in

so you cant say you didnt know.
Not the same thing man...
There it is if you believe that they WILL DO SO, while here,i saw that they have taken over, and am examining the reactions of humans(should they rebel or not)(supposing that they just want to run us peacefully and for our own good like in iRobot).
I'd say no.
1: I don't want the possibility of getting a virus in my head
2: Machines hate me (possibly because I know too much about them)
Its sort of hard to say. If it would be like GITS(Ghost in the Shell) that would be alright. A lot of people in that anime got there brains re-modified to live longer. But I don't think computers would entirely run the world. Someone would have to be in charge.
I created a thread in another forum about AI government. I'm of the opinion that in a reduced capacity it would be a good thing.
They should never. Having a computer run our lives would be terrible, since individualism would disappear and having goals would be pointless, if a computer accomplishes them for you.
True. I would never like that. I get so fed up of my pc I wonder what it will make me do. It's full of virus and behind a firewall. It can't help itself how will it help me? Bloody pc doesn't even lemme have access to my DirectAdmin. Well whatever it's really not all that bad so long as it listens to me. But I wouldn't like it to control me =P well that wouldn't really happen anyway so why worry =P Razz
Utopia GFR
There is no way I could tolerate being ruled by a computer.

Besides, computers are man-made material and would probably implement all kinds of policies that we wouldn't like to apply to ourselves.

We live in a binary world surrounded by computers and our range of pure, natural freedom is only but illusory since we always have to justify our actions to everyone.

Movies like "The Matrix" from Larry and Andy Wachowski demonstrate how it would feel like to have cybernetic implants in your body (there's a sequence where Neo endures the pain); while some may think that this interpretation may be gross, I think it matches well my vision of some man computer.

The human being is such a complex creature, I dont see the point in altering the gift of nature for empowering purposes Very Happy
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