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at the risk of sounding biggoty and conmtradictory.

my mates verdict is that REAL music is music that is made on a computer. Garage and shit like that.

yet i believe realy music come from instruments, playing something real and making a real sound, not something recorded and sped up or slowd down to get the "beat"

he refuses to accept rock, anything slighty melodical as music,

****** infuriating, anyone else share if POV
I would have to agree with you that your friend is wrong. Music is something organic, emotional (not talking about emo here, all music has some type of emotion to it). Sounds produced from a computer cannot possibly have those traits. Personally, I love rock music but I don't like electronic music all that much.
I completely disagree that computer music cannot have emotional traits. A computer is still, at the end of the day, an instrument. The sounds it can produce still have to be shaped and worked out of an idea born from the artist using that instrument.

Now I'm not saying that only computer music is real music because that's the stupidest thing I've heard in a good few hours, but I think it's unfair to dismiss anything that has a computer behind it as being soulless.

Ironically I'd say that garage is one of the few genres I'd completely dismiss as the majority of its output is sampled or lazily looped without any effort. And the lyrical content is hardly inspired either.
If the creator says it's music, then it's music.
In my humble opinion, anything that's recorded or played live is music. Now, when it's mixed together and the band didn't play it together in the studio, that's not nearly as real. I personally play trumpet, and I love the things that I can do with it. I can make it do anything that can mean anything to anyone. All music has some sort of emotion, no matter whether it's played live or recorded and played later. It's only when people mix together disparate things that it loses the emotion.

In regards to "anything made with a computer", I think he may mean anything that's mixed, not necessarily any sort of electronica. I'm a techno/trance junkie, but only under certain circumstances. It doesn't really have the same feel as other music. It's more my concentration music because it's something in the background that I don't really have to pay attention to to get anything out of.

Just my thoughts.
I would have to agree with Fenroy with most of this points. I've played the drums for 10 years and done everything from rock bands, to concert bands to drum corps, to jazz bands, etc. and i've realized that it really doesn't matter if its done on instruments or on a computer, the sounds picked or played by whomever is creating the music will be done based partly on their emotions.

What is classified as 'real' music seems to be different for everyone. On the topic of electronica, since it was brought up earlier, I would say that it is real music because all electronica starts out as a melody on a keyboard. Just because its recorded and played later doesn't mean that its not music. If you went by that idea, then any music not played live wouldn't be 'real' music Razz.

I agree that 'mashups' of different songs really don't fall under the category of 'real' music just because the two parts were never really meant to be together hence a 'mashup'.
Yantaal wrote:

my mates verdict is that REAL music is music that is made on a computer. Garage and shit like that.

that's probably the most stupid verdict, if ever there is.
Well i also dissagree with that point. In this case both are right. In a way computer IS the instrument, but it's only can be used in creating electronic music. Rock, Metal and so on...there is simply no way that a computer could recreate the variety of, for example, guitar melodies and variations. Different music need different instruments Smile
Synthesised music or music manufactured by computer is not REAL music. It is a relatively recent (when u consider the origins of the art) way of using modern technology to try and imitate what we have been creating in the real world for so long.

Even if you will insist on still calling it music, there is no way you can say it can surpass actual music played on musical instruments. If you think about it you have to agree with me as synthesised music only tries to imitate what we can create with real instruments.
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