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Halo Wars

Yup thats right, another company is going to attempt to make a RTS game for a console. For those of you that have not heard of Halo Wars, it is a RTS (real time strategy) game being developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 based on the Halo games. It does look great, you can see a trailer & concept art here. So do you guys think it will make it? Will a company finally manage to make a good RTS for a console? I hope so.
hope so to. looks like an awesome game! Very Happy
I just hope it can keep up with the original halo and halo 2 standards!
If anyone can do it, Ensemble Studios can. They don't have much experience developing for consoles, but they have some of the most gifted RTS developers on the planet. Then factor in how they're collaborating with Bungie, another EXCELLENT studio, and this could do for RTS what GoldenEye did for FPS.
man i think it looks like a pretty good game
I'm looking forward to this game. It would be nice and interesting to see another take on the Halo universe. I would hate it, though, if it got out of hand and there were way too many spin-offs.

Thank god that Halo port for DS was cancelled, it would have been awful (as good as the DS is, it is no FPS system).

Anyway, this will be good enough to keep me waiting for Halo 3. Smile
I have serious mix feelings about this

Firstly they could keep building the franchise up so much it just claspes [Like Star Wars] which it sounds like its ending to, for example a BF2 game styles halo maybe be made.

Secondly the game might not be that good anyway, look at battle middle of earth the game was awful and had to have serious patching to make it even work let alone make it a half decent game.

Or I could be really wrong and its gonna be a kickarse game
I have Halo 2 for XBox.. my brother is a little bit more keen on it than me! But I still enjoy playing it when I am in my evil mood...
I don't think I will subscribe to XBox Live, but this new game seems pointless, as you can already play together with that! Can anyone explain the difference to me? I am honestly curious.
Well this game takes a broader perspective on the Halo franchise which to me is a welcome sight. Halo Wars looks to be as fun as Age of Empires only in the Halo universe which almost promises its success. The only problem is that the developers will have to try hard to come up with a good control scheme for the Xbox. And hopefully they will add multiplayer.
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