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PHP books and tutorials

I would like to start educating myself about PHP.
I am already a developper but up to now I have manily worked with C/C++, Tcl and a little bit of Java.

Where can I find a good pdf tutorial about PHP ??


But you better buy this one:

anything free and online? This would be a good skill to have.
rouge568 wrote:
anything free and online?

See my first link.

And: (scroll down for table of contents)
Very interresting

best PHP source online is
I think the best is W3Schools is the best place to learn php for free. I learned alot from there. It will teach you the basics which are essential. I then went onto php for dummies which i thought was very good but not very to the point. It over explains somethings I thought anyway. I have never tried to learn it from the site but id say it is probably good. Goodluck.
are there any restictions on connecting to databases online??? i am finding it a serious problem... Mad

when i try to connect it says access denied...cant change previleges also..
there's also another website from which i've also learned a lot of php, it's it's not just php but also lots of tutorials on other web scripting languages, sad to say, they won't give it to you in portable document format.
Fright Knight
rouge568 wrote:
anything free and online? This would be a good skill to have.

Why don't we download from torrent sites? They are providing thousands of ebooks there. from programming to other subjects. I myself also use torrents to download ebooks and help me progress in my programming skills. So try it. hehe
AOP Web Development
Hello dude! for me i use wrox book because the wrox book have a detailed information in programming with different tutorials... I have learn lot in wrox book.. And it is very nice.... If you prefer to online tutorials, try and download the documentation the phpmanual.chm it has the all references and functionalities.

try this link ...

there a lot of books of pdf and chm in php and other languages i hope it can help.
if any body wants to download this books as pdf , send the pm 2 me . or if the warez on this forum is open notify me to put them here .

i have alot of programming ebooks .
i have a few ebooks but maybe look on wikipedia cuz they sometimes have some good info, though that would probably tell you more about the history.. um i have an ebook somewhere called.... ermm what is it... Learn php/mysql/apache in 24 hours or something like that... i havent really read it but it looks good.
[FuN]goku wrote:
... i havent really read it but it looks good.

Laughing That's a good one! I'd say that with most of the books I've bought!

I know that the book 'PHP MySQL Bible' is available as pdf on the Net. I don't remember where, but you can unearth it on google in a few minutes. I've read that book, it's a good one.
manum is where u'll find a lot of them
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