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Use mirror disk to clone windows server 2000

Hi everyone.

I have a server with a hardware RAID 1 solution (mirrored disk). As part of a disaster recovery plan (Yes I have daily backups) I would like to break the mirror and use one of these disks to clone a new server.

So far the steps I have come up with are:
(n this case we are cloning server1 from already installed server2)

1.) Take out all disks of <server1> (shutdown and disconnect from network before taking out), take out disk 1 of <server2>
2.) Replace disk 1 of <server1> with the one of <server2>
3.) Boot <server1> and run sysprep
4.) After sysprep is finished boot emergency os, change computer name, check network and run "newsid"
5.) Boot to normal os If there is a second array, insert disks of the 2nd array and check if its recognized by the raid controller. If not, delete this array and set it up again (without booting)
6.) Adapt settings for page file (also for emergency os), tools etc
7.) Insert disk 2 of first raidgroup and let the server rebuild the disk

Will this work if I take <disk 2> out from server2 and placed it in <disk1> position in server 1?????

Please note that I am familiar with the other cloning software but due to several restrictions need to do it this way.

Any input will be appreciated.

You indicate that you have a hardware mirror, in theory it should work, although you will need to add the extra step of changing your configuration in the hardware raid bios aswell, as it will flag errors of a failed drive.

Thanks for the response.
On which computer are we talking about now (meaning the failed drive).
I know that the original server will not be happy about this but I can live with that long enough till I replace the disk and rebuild the mirror.

But what about the new server? Will it affect the boot up process even if I fail the missing disk during startup?

If you fail the disk, it should boot up as normal, as this is the whole point of mirror raid arrays, as both disks when working store identical data on. If it does not boot then you have further problems elsewhere.
Hi Chris

Thanks again.
I will be testing this as soon as I get a scheduled downtime and will post the results and procedure on this thread.

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